Sleep? Yeah, Right!

Sleepover! We absolutely get that you want your get-together to be more than movie marathons, microwave popcorn and sleeping bags. A-list event planners say great parties, big or small, boil down to a well-planned concept. Once you choose your theme, you can plan your food, get-ups and activities around that. Use one of our suggestions (or even mix a few), or let them inspire you to create something that's all about what you love!

Pink Pajama Jam
Plan your party around your favorite splash of color!

Party prep: Pink streamers, pink balloons, pink everything.

Dress code: Pink PJs, duh

Snack time: Pink lemonade, fresh strawberries, pink frosted cookies

All-night fun: Dance to Pink’s Funhouse CD, then watch Pretty in Pink on DVD while painting your nails...what color?

Bonus: Did someone say “pink pillow fight”? Gotcha!

Project Photo Shoot
Go for a fashion runway fantasy

Party prep: Set up a photo area in your room, living room or even garage by hanging a sheet and making that area super-bright with lots of lights.

Dress code: Ask everyone to bring the most outrageous clothes from their closets, then put it all out after they arrive.

All-night fun: Style each other in fabulous outfits, then crank up the music and have a photo shoot with a digital camera.

Bonus: Email an online photo album to all your guests the next day!

Munchies Madness
Are your friends famous for their snack attacks?

Party prep: Shop for pre-made pizza dough and all the toppings you can imagine. Make chefs’ hats in advance with white butcher paper and a stapler.

Dress code: Everyone brings a big apron (OK, oversized tees will work in a pinch) to wear while cooking.

All-night fun: Break off into teams of two, and each team creates a pizza with different toppings. Have everyone taste each pizza, then take votes for faves.

Bonus: The culinary genius continues with a make-your-own sundae bar for dessert!

Rock Star Glam-o-Rama
Music is always good for setting the mood.

Party prep: Do we need to tell you that you need Guitar Hero for this one?

Dress code: Tell all your friends to dress up as their favorite musicians. No biggie if you get three Gwen Stefanis and two Rihannas!

All-night fun: Set up a talent show, and have a prize for first place. It will be like your own mini Idol. Remember to take lots of photos, or better yet, make a recording!

Bonus: Have prizes for everyone for performing.

Sock Hop, Daddy-O
Get your rama-lama-ding-dong on with a ‘50s theme.

Party prep: Hang old 45-rpm vinyl records from the ceiling with string and thumbtacks.

Dress code: Tight cardigan sweaters, pedal pushers (that’s what they used to call capris), ponytails with scarves, bobby socks and classic lace-up sneakers.

Snack time: Burgers, fries, root beer floats.

All-night fun: Download Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, The Supremes and Sam Cook. Get everyone into two lines facing each other, then take turns dancing down the center.

Bonus: Hula-hooping contest!

by Jodi Bryson