Awesome Slumber Party Ideas

Looking to wow your friends at your next big sleepover? We have some slumber party tricks that definitely will have your pals going, “ooh” and “aah.” You are getting sleepy now -- yeah, right!

Mind Over Matter
Do you know your thoughts can create pure energy? Demonstrate this wondrous fact to your party guests by swinging a charm necklace around ... with your mind!

Hold the necklace at the clasp with your thumb and index finger so it’s hanging straight down. Steadying your elbow on a table, hold perfectly still and tell the chain to swing clockwise. Or back and forth. Now tell it to reverse directions, then to stop. Let your friends try it. (If you establish that clockwise stands for “yes” and counterclockwise mean “no,” you can use this as a sort of lie detector during your game of Truth or Dare!)

Bending Toothbrushes

Hand out brand-new toothbrushes (go for sparkly ones or those with cartoon characters) as party favors ... but these aren’t for brushing. Instead, turn ’em into bracelets!

Here’s how: Use tweezers or pliers to pluck the bristles out of each brush. Boil a large pot of water, and drop the toothbrushes in for about five minutes. Have a parent use tongs to remove each one. Careful, they’re hot! Use oven mitts to bend them so they fit inside a large coffee mug. Pour cold water in the mug to cool them. When they’re done, you’ll have a cool cuff bracelet.

Light as a Feather
No one is quite sure why this works, but it does -- and it has for generations. In fact, your mother and grandmother probably did this trick at their slumber parties back in the day.

Have one guest sit on a chair, facing west or north, with her hands in her lap and feet flat on the floor. Have four other girls, two on each side, stand beside the chair. Place your hand, palm down, on top of the sitter’s head, and then have the other girls stack their hands on top of yours. Count to 10 before quickly removing your hands from her head and placing two fingers under her knees and two fingers under her armpits -- and lift her up! Slowly lower her back to the chair. Amazing, right?

Quantum Pajama Leap
While your friends are all in the kitchen making toothbrush bracelets, send someone to the party room to scramble everybody’s pajamas. Take them all out of their overnight bags, and place them in someone else’s. When it’s time for your girls to slip into their PJs, they’ll be all ... huh?