The Summer Fun Starts Here!

Nothing to do? No way! We have a ton of stuff you and your friends can take on for some summer fun in the sun. Get outta the house … NOW!

Summer Fun Activity No. 1: Balloon Battle-mania
Pick up some balloons at a party supply store. Fill with water by wrapping the lip of the balloon around an outdoor faucet, then tie in a knot. Divide your friends into teams and start launching! Yeah, it can sting a little to be hit with a water balloon -- but it sure feels good to get wet on a scorching-hot day!

Summer Fun Activity No. 2: Forever … Flower Power
Pluck flowers from your garden or wild varieties growing around your neighborhood and press them into keepsakes:

1. Arrange each flower between two sheets of waxed paper.

2. Place on an ironing board, cover with a thin dish towel and place a warm iron on top until sealed.

3. Let cool and trim to fit into a small frame, or to use as a bookmark.

Summer Fun Activity No. 3: Obstacle Course, of Course
Using garden hoses, lounge chairs, spare tires, picnic tables and whatever else you can find, map out and set up a challenging course for you and your friends to hop over, then crawl under and run around as fast as you can. And the winner with the fastest time is …

Summer Fun Activity No. 4: Make a Scene!

Break out the art supplies and paint or draw an image of some summer scenery. Do a sketch of your yard’s landscaping or create a canvas painting of a beautiful beach scene you’ve dreamed up. Hmmm, a dream scene.

Summer Fun Activity No. 5: Build a Fortress

If you and your friends are handy with some basic tools, you could build an elaborate fort from scrap plywood and other materials -- complete with painted details and window treatments. Or … just put together a temporary fort with lawn chairs and large beach blankets. Girls only or boys allowed?

Summer Fun Activity No. 6: Clean up!

Get all your buds to clear out their rooms and closets, and sell all your old toys, clothes and accessories in a yard sale. You’ll get rid of junk and rake in cash in one full swoop!

Summer Fun Activity No. 7: Free-for-all Mall Crawl

Yep, the mall is air-conditioned. But instead of your usual shopping trip, have a scavenger hunt for freebies! Pair off -- nobody goes solo, please, it’s unsafe -- and hit up stores for free items (cosmetics samples, sugar packets, shopping bags and so on). At an agreed-upon time, reconvene at your meeting spot to see which of you squirrelly girls gathered the best bunch of loot … and no sticky fingers.