Valentine’s Day Fun for the Single Gal!

Being single on Valentine’s Day can make a girl a little green with envy when her coupled-up friends keep talking about how psyched they are for the big day. But we’ve got suggestions for awesome V-Day plans that are so crazy-fun that they might make your taken friends jealous of you. Heck, the attached girls might even ditch their BFs so they can get in on the excitement!

Organize a Single-girl Swap
No need to feel left out when all the couples exchange heart-shaped gifts. Get a bunch of your single friends to draw names out of a hat for a present swap. Set a $5 price limit, then pick out cool prezzies, like costume jewelry or an artsy thrift-store vase.

Hold a Candy-tasting Bash
The fun in getting a box of chocolates is sampling all the different flavors. So invite a few of your besties over to your house and tell each guest to bring along her favorite confections. Then eat up!

Go on a Double Friend-date
Ask one of your single guy friends to grab dinner with you on V-Day, and have your BFF do the same. You can have fun scoping out all the couples at the restaurant and guessing which ones will actually last, based on how much fun each pair seems to be having.

Make up New Makeup
Create totally new lip colors without spending a cent. Just put a dime-size amount of lip gloss on the back of your hand, dip your finger in your favorite shade of eye shadow, and mix it in with the gloss. Even funky combos, like purple eye shadow with orange-y gloss, look really cool -- we’ve tried it! Bonus: This one’s just as fun with friends as it is solo.

Dance the Night Away
Dance, dance parties -- where you go into a dimly lit room with tons of girls and dance your butt off to the hottest new music -- are really trendy these days. Host your own by making a playlist full of upbeat tunes (we heart tracks by Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Pink). Then have the girls over to get your dance on.

Create Your Own Candy Hearts
Conversation heart candies are a must on Valentine’s Day. Messages like “Tweet Me” are cute and all, but we know you can come up with something way better. Pick up a pack of the candies and a food-decorating pen (available at baking supply stores), then write your own phrases on the blank side of each candy. Your ladies will love getting personalized messages instead of the played-out premade ones!