Bridgit Mendler Sounds Off

Bridgit Mendler Photo Credit: Getty Images

Good Luck Charlie’s” Bridgit Mendler isn’t just a fabulous comedic actress -- she’s also an aspiring singer and songwriter. Bridgit gets to show off her musical capabilities in the upcoming Disney Channel original movie Lemonade Mouth, which is now in production. The film is about a group of high school students who meet in detention and form a rock band, and Bridgit plays the part of the lead singer. The starlet was happy to chat with us about her evolving sound ... and her thrifty shopping habits.

Girl World Daily: What’s going on with your music?

Bridgit Mendler: It’s funny, when I first started writing music I was writing on the piano, and I started to notice that all of my songs sounded really jazzy. That was something I tried to steer away from, so I got an acoustic guitar and wound up writing songs like crazy. It was really fun for me because I thought I had found a sound. Now, as I’ve been producing a couple of the songs I’ve written, they’re all kind of jazzy! I’ll add horns or an old electric piano, which is called a Wurlitzer -- I want one of those so badly now. It’s been really cool.

GWD: Would you compare it to Norah Jones?

BM: I think it’s hard to pin down specifically what my sound is, but I think it’s cool that it’s coming back to those jazzy roots. A lot of people have said Norah Jones, but when I think of the sound that I aspire to follow, much of the time it’s Adele’s music. I think she’s so good. Many times when I’m working on my sound I pull influences from her. I think Pink is really cool because she’s all girl power and rock. I also really like Bob Dylan. He’s my all-time favorite. He’s a great songwriter.

GWD: Aside from those, what other artists do you like to listen to when you’re not working on your own music?

BM: I also like this band called Teagan and Sarah. I do like Taylor Swift, and I love that she writes her own songs and that she’s been successful with them.

GWD: When it comes to fashion, you seem to have a simple but feminine style. Where do you like to shop?

BM: I love thrifty stores. It’s hard for me to buy something if it’s too expensive -- I don’t think it’s worthwhile and wonder if I’m ever going to wear it again. If something is cheap, then I will like it.

GWD: Have you splurged on anything since you’ve become successful in the entertainment industry?

BM: I bought a couple of dresses recently. The dresses themselves weren’t too pricey -- they were all under $100 -- but the fact that I bought so many at one time was kind of a big deal for me.