Get That Look!

Sure, most celebrities have a sense of style. But most also have a stylist, who pieces together fabulous outfits for them. Here’s how to get the designer looks for less!

True Jackson, VP -- Nickelodeon
Keke Palmer plays 15-year-old True, whose tuned-in fashion sense lands her a top job at designer empire Mad Style. Being in the fashion biz means walking the line between snazzy and professional attire. True often goes for button-down shirts with a twist, such as ruffles or embellishments, along with a pencil skirt and a wide belt. Or maybe she’ll opt for a conservative dress and layer a tank underneath for a pop of color, plus add a funky jacket on top to give it that edge.

Get the look! Shop discount chains for dress shirts, skirts, belts, dresses, tanks and jackets for a fraction of the price of department store designer duds.

The City -- MTV
Whitney Port moved from Los Angeles (The Hills) to New York when she got her own reality show -- and a bit of a culture shock. But she’s breathing fresh air into the NY fashion scene, where it seems everything goes back to basic black. With her soft fabrics and color-splashed prints, Whitney brings a California girl vibe to the office, where she works for legendary designer Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF).

Get the look! The DVF fashion line has that L.A.-inspired influence but it’s pricey. Pick up similar pieces in eye-popping prints at mid-price shops, such as H&M.

Wizards of Waverly Place -- Disney
Selena Gomez is wiz kid Alex Russo, the only sister in her magic fam. On the new Supernaturally Stylin’ Wizards DVD, catch three fashion-fueled episodes. In the first, Alex scores an internship at Fashion Fatale magazine. In an art-imitates-life scene, an editor at the mag takes credit for Alex’s fashionista vision, eerily similar to an incident on The City in which co-worker Olivia takes full props from higher-ups for a magazine cover ensemble Whitney put together. “I pulled that look!” Olivia fibs.

Get the look! To get into the girl-wizard groove, have these basics in your closet: denim skirt, skinny jeans, knit baby doll tops, long-sleeve tees, striped cardigan, high-top sneaks. Mix and match, then hit the accessories store for leggings, chunky jewelry, fingerless gloves, woven caps and a studded belt.

iCarly -- Nickelodeon
Miranda Cosgrove is a practical dresser, as is her character, Carly Shay. “Her clothes can be worn anywhere…from school to the Groovey Smoothie, to the Web show, to detention, to the mall,” says the show’s stylist, Kris Dangl. “Carly is no-nonsense, but she maintains a femininity. Miranda looks best in saturated jewel tones, like magenta, purple, jade, burgundy and cobalt blue. Use colors near your face, and cut it with ‘boyfriend’ T-shirts in white, grey, navy and black. Thermals and classic gray hoodies are great, too.”

Get the look Kris likes these wardrobe basics: skinny and boot-cut jeans, Converse sneakers, leather boots, ballet flats and a classic trench coat in navy or khaki. “It’s always cool to pull in a little tomboy with your pretty florals and colorful stuff,” she says. “I recommend getting some fabric paints and making your own designs on hoodies. A boy’s blazer is cool, too. I also suggest having navy, gray and black leggings to ground out colorful flouncy skirts.”