The Jonas Brothers’ Super Biggest Fan!

So you can’t score a date with a Jonas, but what would be the next best thing? To be one of their best girl buds, right? On the Disney Channel original series “JONAS,” she’s the “super biggest Jonas fan,” Macy Misa. Offscreen? Well, you know what they say about art imitating life. …

Girl World Daily: What would you like to see happen to Macy on “JONAS” in the future?
Nicole Anderson:
I’d like to see Macy develop her friendship with the boys because she started out as this crazy fan. It was like she had two relationships with them. She saw them as Jonas the band but then was friends with the boys in real life. I would like to see how her friendship progresses with them.

GWD: What surprises you about the boys?
I did not realize how competitive Nick is! If we lost a softball game, it would ruin his day! We played it every lunch break. He definitely took it seriously … but all in good fun.

GWD: You and Chelsea Staub, who plays Macy’s best friend, Stella Malone, are real-life pals, right?
Oh, yeah. We’ve known each other for, I guess, four years before the show. We met in acting class, and we hit it off. We had sleepovers and became best friends. I originally went for the role of Stella, and it came down to me, her and Demi Lovato. We all had to read with the Jonas brothers, and Chelsea ended up getting it. I was so happy for her. They came back to me and said they’d love for me to read with Chelsea for the role of Macy. I thought, “This is so perfect.”

GWD: Do you go see the Jonas Brothers in concert?
I went to their shows in Dallas, Los Angeles and Atlanta. I made an appearance onstage in Dallas, and then all of us here in L.A. went to that show. And I did a Jonas Fan Van in Atlanta and got to see them there too. I love “Fly With Me” and “Lovebug.”