Hot New Music for Your Playlist!

Tired of listening to the same tunes over and over? Or maybe you’re just outgrowing a lot of the music you’ve loved in the past. Here’s our guide to some new music you’re guaranteed to dig.

If you love Taylor Swift, give a listen to Melissa Etheridge.
Teenage country crooner Taylor just scooped up four Grammy awards -- twice as many as Melissa has to her name, but rocker Melissa is a near-legend. Now, Etheridge’s new CD is titled Fearless Love, just one word shy of Taylor’s Fearless. The title track serves up a twinge of teen angst, yet Melissa’s words have a strong air of emotional maturity.

If you love Justin Bieber, give a listen to Sean Kingston.
We like My World 2.0 just as much as you do. And you’re probably all over the new single “Eenie Meenie,” a collaboration between Justin and Sean. So, if you haven’t already, why not check out SK’s most recent CD, Tomorrow? Have you seen the video for “Face Drop”? Sean proves that hot talent comes in all shapes and sizes. Love!

If you love Miley Cyrus, give a listen to Shannon Curfman.
Miley’s cool and all. So is Shannon, but with deep, deep soul -- and a killer voice. She first came on the music scene a decade ago when she was only 14. Ten years later, Shannon has just released another CD, What You’re Getting Into. Shannon’s style is more blues-y compared with Miley’s pop slant.

If you love Jonas Brothers, give a listen to Pet Shop Boys.
Pet Shop Boys’ Pandemonium Live CD/DVD was recorded at the O2 Arena in London late last year. The group manages to provide a load of eye candy with their ultra-theatrical stage show, while the ear candy is in the fabulous roundup of modern-classic electronica.

If you love Nick Jonas & the Administration, give a listen to Jonny Lang.
We’re really impressed with Nick’s solo effort, and we hear a lot of Lang-influenced hooks on Who I Am. Indeed, Nick’s keyboardist and guitarist have both played with Jonny. Jonny’s Live at the Ryman CD just dropped, offering up a wonderful shuffle of songs. When he debuted in the mid-’90s, Jonny, like Nick, was a teen music sensation. Now? A lotta blues, a little soul and a drop of urban flavor … nice.