Shaking It up ... Even More! ... With Bella and Zendaya

Last year, when Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up” premiered, we were lucky enough to hook up with the show’s stars Bella Thorne (who plays CeCe) and Zendaya Coleman (who plays Rocky). You guys loved our interview so much that we’re serving up some more fun dish on the girls!

Girl World Daily: What’s the vibe like on the set of “Shake It Up?”

Bella: We have such a talented cast on our show. It’s just all kids having a really great time. We all have a lot of fun with joking and dancing. Even though not everybody on the show is a dancer, we all dance! Like, Roshon Fegan (who plays Ty) will start beat boxing for us. It’s really fun and really random.

GWD: How have your dance skills improved since doing the show?

Bella: Our choreographer has helped me so much to grow as a dancer. It’s really unbelievable. I’ve worked hard to reach for my goals, and that’s also a reason why I’m just like CeCe. She won’t let anybody stop her at becoming whatever she wants to do.

GWD: Zendaya, are you anything like your character, Rocky?

Zendaya: I feel that since she’s such a generous and kind person, I really try to channel her all the time. And, like her, I love to dance. But I don’t get into as much trouble as she gets into.

GWD: What’s the most challenging part of playing this role?

Zendaya: Script changes! We get a script, we read it, and we work on it ... and the next day, we might have a lot of changes and so we have to rewire our brains and memorize the new changes. That’s the hardest part I’ve had to deal with so far. I think if that’s as hard as it gets, then I’m doing pretty well.

GWD: What made you want to get into acting?

Zendaya: My mom works for the California Shakespeare Factory, so I’ve kind of grown up around the theater. Watching rehearsals late at night, begging my mom to let me stay, kind of actually helped me realize that I wanted to be an actress. I got to see these incredible performances, and I said, “Hey, I can do that!”

GWD: Did that make the audition process easier for you?

Zendaya: The really cool part about my audition process is that they asked me to come in and read for the part of CeCe, but then I auditioned for Rocky. When I met with Bella, it was like instant chemistry, so I guess it worked out for the best.

Bella: We’re just like CeCe and Rocky. We’re really close! We have a great friendship and we always help each other.

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Photo: Getty Images