Calling All New Moon Fans!

You know her as Alice Cullen, vampire sister to Bella’s beau Edward. And of course, you know there’s a New Moon. By Twilight, she’s Alice with a bit of a dark side. But by day, she’s Ashley Greene -- and she’s definitely a bright spot. We met up with Ashley for some gabs and giggles … and got down to the lighter side of things.

Q: How was it different filming New Moon as opposed to the original Twilight?
A: For me, personally, I just had so much more fun, and I was so much more relaxed and could enjoy myself more. We had already established relationships with each other, so we were this little family. And then, of course, I got to go to Italy, which isn’t too shabby. Waking up to the Tuscany countryside is incredible! I ate lots of pasta.

Q: Who were you closest to on the set?
A: I’m close with different cast members for different reasons. Me and Kellan [Lutz, who plays Emmett Cullen] have always been close. Unfortunately, Rachelle LaFevre isn’t doing the third film, but we were very close on the second film. We were the people who were always like, “Do you want to go out to eat?” and gather everyone together. She and I always worked out together.

Q: What would you say sets New Moon apart from the first film?
A: I know everyone was kind of worried about Edward not being in the movie, but you definitely see some Rob Pattinson, and you really get to see the love triangle between Edward, Bella and Jacob. We also really developed the relationship between Alice and Bella as well, because you didn’t get to that very much in the first one. There were some complaints about, “They’re supposed to be best friends, and you don’t even see them together.” So, we hit on that a little more too.

Q: What has been your craziest fan encounter?
A: There is one person I saw in Vancouver, Italy and London. I was like, “Oh, my gosh, you’re a well-traveled fan!” It’s always craziest when I’m with the guys, because it’s such a female-driven fan base that they just go crazy and cry and shake and scream. With me, it’s just that they want a hug or a picture. Everyone wants to be my best friend because everyone wants to be Alice’s best friend because she’s such a likeable character. That’s actually pretty cool.