What's Your Flava?

What does your musical taste say about you? That’s what researchers at Scotland’s Heriot-Watt University are trying to find out. They’ve surveyed over 36,500 people from around the world, comparing music preferences to personality traits. Here’s what the scientists have tuned into so far:

If Ya Listen to Lotsa…

Coldplay Is mainstream rock and pop your thing? That screams volumes for your stellar self-esteem and industrious nature. You might lack a creative edge, but you make up for it with your likeability factor.

Taylor Swift Hey, country lover! You are one hardworking, conscientious gal. You get along pretty well when kickin’ it with the crew, but what people don’t realize is that you’re secretly shy.

Slayer If you like to thrash to heavy metal, you have a rebellious side and could be a bit of a lazybones. But while people think you’re a little hard-edged, you’ve got ’em fooled. You’re really such a softie.

Beyonce You can just feel the vibe of R&B and soul running through your veins? Let your artistic sparkle shine on. This shouldn’t be a problem since you’re packing major mojo and self-assuredness.

Hayley Westenra Do you chill out to classical music or even opera? You’re quite at ease with yourself but not particularly outgoing. You’re actually a bit of a recluse, who’s well-read and deeply contemplative.

Toots and the Maytals You love reggae, right? No worries, mon! You’re upbeat and sociable, but you still keep it chill. You take life as it comes, and you’re always real. Your mantra: Relax, be happy.

The Derek Trucks Band A girl who grooves to jazz and blues is creative, confident and comfy in her own skin. You’re extroverted and sensitive rolled into one, so you probably have a lot of friends!

Kanye West Do you lean toward rap beats, rhymes and rhythms? You might have a tendency to bend the rules. But you have too much self-worth to take it too far. Still, you’re often the life of the party!

Farhan Akhtar If you dig Bollywood-spun tunes, you’re probably very spirited and quite a force on the social scene. We’re betting you could stay out and dance all night if you didn’t have to worry about curfew.