The Hunger Games: Willow Shields Plays the Fame Game!

The only thing that might be better than The Hunger Games premiering on the big screen last March is the blockbuster finally coming to DVD this month for your viewing pleasure in the comfort of your own home!

No one is more thrilled about the wild popularity of the books-turned-film-series than star Willow Shields, who plays Primrose Everdeen, little sister to Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss. In real life, the 12-year-old has a twin sis, Autumn, who is also an actress, and an older brother River. Here, the girl from New Mexico spills on how life is different since snagging her breakout role.

Congrats on the movie’s success! How have things changed for you since The Hunger Games premiered?

Willow Shields: Thank you so much! It’s completely changed. I mean, I would never expect to be a part of something like this, so it’s insane. I got to go to the [Nickelodeon] Kids’ Choice Awards -- that to me is a weird sentence.

Nickelodeon is known for sliming celebrities. If you could slime anyone, who would it be?

W.S.: It would probably be either Dayo Okeniyi, who played Thresh, or Alexander Ludwig, who played Cato [in The Hunger Games], because those two are like my brothers, and they also make fun of each other all of the time. I think it would be pretty hilarious if they got slimed.

Unfortunately, many of the characters from the first film don’t make it to Catching Fire, the next movie in the series. What do you miss about working with The Hunger Games cast?

W.S.: I just miss spending every day with my Hunger Games family. We became so close, and it’s so weird that we’re now so far apart. But we still keep in touch and go out to Umami Burger [a Los Angeles burger joint] and get sushi all of the time.

You’ve had some gorgeous red-carpet looks. What’s your favorite outfit you’ve put together during your downtime with the crew?

W.S.: Well, I love animals, and my favorite outfit was this sweater I have with a little fox on it and then I tucked it into high-waisted shorts. That was really cute.

Photo: Getty Images