Top 12 Pop Predictions for 2012!

See ya, 2011! The last 12 months have been packed with highs (like a fond farewell to the Harry Potter crew) and lows (like Selena snagging Justin). But we’re ready for a new year of rockin’ jams, fun flicks and fresh faces. Here are our expert predictions for the following categories:

12. Super-cute Boy Band: One Direction
A group of boys who are nice to look at and have adorable accents? We’re sold … and feeling lucky since the British/Irish quintet is jumping the pond in February for a U.S. tour.

11. Fam-time Video Game: Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
This game came out in November for Wii, but it doesn’t release on Nintendo 3DS until February. The adrenaline will keep you feeling golden well into the big summer sporting events.

10. Glorified Music Video: Big Time Movie
The Nickelodeon-spawned boy band Big Time Rush is already soaring with its sitcom and Elevate album. Will the boys’ Beatles-inspired original TV movie cause as much ruckus? We think so!

9. Classic-turned-cartoon Flick: Dorothy of Oz
Every year’s gotta have one good animated film because we never really outgrow the kid within. We’re especially looking forward to this one since Fox TV’s “Glee” star Lea Michele lends her voice to the title character. Look for it to hit theaters in 3-D this summer!

8. Made-for-TV Musical: Let It Shine
Be on the lookout for this Disney Channel original movie, which follows 16-year-old Cyrus DeBarge in a romantic tale of mistaken identity. This one has lots of rap and a roundup of new stars!

7. All-girls Social Networking: Zuzee
Sick of Facebook? Check out Zuzee, an online community just for girls! We like it because of its safe format -- and we love, love, love the design elements. It’s like having an online scrapbook to share with your friends!

6. Singing Sister Sensation: Cimorelli
Sisters who sing? Yep, a six-pack! The youngest is 11, the oldest 21. Cimorelli is yet another batch of talent that was discovered on YouTube. The girls’ full-length album debuts in 2012.

5. Can’t-put-down Page-turner: Crewel
Can’t get enough sci-fi? What about suspense? Or romance? All three elements of excitement are packed into Crewel, the new young-adult novel by author Gennifer Albin. The story follows a 16-year-old girl set to become a spinster in a world of secrets. We’re already intrigued!

4. Tuesday Night TV Addiction: Jane By Design
Imagine landing a job at a hip fashion house before graduating high school. Promising to have a super-chic wardrobe, this ABC Family series, which premieres January 3, is bound to be our fave new show.

3. Confidence-boosting Song: “Fireball”
Willow Smith, the “Whip My Hair” wonder, linked up with Nicki Minaj for a smokin’ new track. “Fireball” is set to appear on the 11-year-old’s upcoming debut album, and you’ll def want to add this energy-packed anthem to your playlist!

2. Triple-threat Starlet: Cymphonique Miller
Our bets are on this 15-year-old being the new Nickelodeon “it” girl -- she sings, she acts, she grooves. Catch Cymphonique in the spotlight this January when she stars as Kacey Simon, a misfit who gets a gig as the lead singer of a band, on the network’s “How to Rock” series.

1. Morose Teen-screen Thriller: The Hunger Games
This mid-March sci-fi flick, based on the book trilogy of the same title, has been stirring up nearly as much commotion as Twilight. And, well, we even know some boys who’ve been reading the bestsellers by author Suzanne Collins. Date night!

Photo: Getty Images