Teen Celebs’ Most Embarrassing Moments

We rounded up the stories about the times that made your favorite teen stars cringe, right here. Get ready to LOL!

Selena Gomez takes a spill.
Selena Gomez of “Wizards of Waverly Place” loves her fans, but she also adores footwear. When she decided to brave a set of stairs in a pair of killer heels to meet up with some admirers, things didn’t quite go as planned. Here’s what she told reporters at a red-carpet movie premiere: “I was doing a live taping of my show, and I fell because I was wearing these high heels down the stairs after saying hi to my fans. That was pretty bad.”

Justin Bieber gets bashful.
He’s a home-schooled pop phenom now, but before Justin Bieber blew up, he attended a regular school and had regular kid probs. “I was in class doing a project, and one of my best friends thought it would be funny if he would kind of change my project around,” Justin told a teen mag. “He put a picture of something stupid on it, and everyone started laughing at me. I felt really bad.”

Taylor Swift has tall troubles.
Country singer Taylor Swift is a towering beauty, but sometimes her height can lead to some really awkward moments. “I’ll always be hitting my head on the side of a car or going through door,” she once admitted to a music reporter. “I think I’ve gotten minor concussions from hitting my head on things.”

Miranda Cosgrove’s pal pulls a prank.
Miranda Cosgrove and her BFF were spying on a guy when the “iCarly” star’s friend pulled a fast one! “My best friend and I, we’re always driving by this guy’s house she really likes,” Miranda told a magazine. “This time, she was begging me to walk up to his house to see if he was home. So I got out of the car and went up to look into the house like a total stalker, and she drove away pretending to leave me there! She came back like 30 seconds later, but I thought she had abandoned me.”

Josh Hutcherson has not-so-smooth moves.
“The Hunger Games” star Josh Hutcherson should have no problem impressing dates, but he recently confessed that he could use a little more finesse in the cuddle department. In a magazine interview, he talked about trying to get close to a girl he liked, when a fumble nearly ruined the evening! “I was on a date, and we were sitting at dinner,” explained Josh. “I tried to put my arm around her -- I was doing the yawn thing where you lift your arms up. As I did that, I hit the table and spilled a drink.”

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Make it a Movie Night ... With a Twist!

Allow us to introduce you to the awesomeness that results when you combine two of your favorite things: movies and karaoke -- duh! It’s called movie-oke, and all you have to do to get in on the fun is grab a few DVDs and invite some pals over.

Here’s how it works: You hit the mute button, play a movie clip with the subtitles option on, and let each of your friends read the lines of a different character out loud. It’s a blast -- and we’ve got a few sweet ideas for how to put the perfect finishing touches on your movie-oke night!

Make the VIP List
Movie-oke works best with smaller groups, so try to keep your guest list to four or five friends. Once you’ve decided who makes the cut, it’s time to send out invitations. Take a few ticket stubs from movies you saw recently and tape them around the edge of a white piece of paper, like a frame. Then write the party deets in the middle of the page and photocopy the whole thing a few times for an awesome DIY invite.

Choose a Theme
Are your girls obsessed with chick flicks? Does your crew love musicals? Or maybe old Disney movies are your thing. Whichever way, pick one movie (or more) you know everyone in the gang can get into. Movie-oke is most fun when everyone has seen the scene you’re re-enacting a bajillion times before.

Snack Time!
Fun-size versions of movie theater candies make the perfect snacks. And, of course, you need popcorn. Spice it up by sprinkling on a little bit of cinnamon-sugar, or chili powder and Parmesan cheese. Just drop a little bit of it into the bag after it comes out of the microwave, hold the bag closed while you shake it up, and then empty the popcorn into a bowl. So simple -- and so yummy!

Primp Your Place
Snag some streamers in your fave colors, and use a marker to write famous movie lines on ’em before hanging them around the party pad. For a fun game, leave the movie titles off the quotes and see which of your flick-obsessed friends can ID the most lines.

Up Your Game
If you want to mix up the movie-oke festivities, pause the flick mid-scene and ask your friends if any of them knows which line comes next. Then hit play to see who’s right -- and who’s hilariously off. Even if no one knows the lines by heart, hearing everyone’s guesses will definitely make you all LOL.

Do Them a Favor
Send everyone home with a parting gift that keeps on giving: a new DVD (raid a garage sale, the dollar store or Goodwill for super-thrifty finds) and a bag of microwave popcorn. Maybe one of them will host another movie-oke night next time around!

Top 12 Pop Predictions for 2012!

See ya, 2011! The last 12 months have been packed with highs (like a fond farewell to the Harry Potter crew) and lows (like Selena snagging Justin). But we’re ready for a new year of rockin’ jams, fun flicks and fresh faces. Here are our expert predictions for the following categories:

12. Super-cute Boy Band: One Direction
A group of boys who are nice to look at and have adorable accents? We’re sold … and feeling lucky since the British/Irish quintet is jumping the pond in February for a U.S. tour.

11. Fam-time Video Game: Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
This game came out in November for Wii, but it doesn’t release on Nintendo 3DS until February. The adrenaline will keep you feeling golden well into the big summer sporting events.

10. Glorified Music Video: Big Time Movie
The Nickelodeon-spawned boy band Big Time Rush is already soaring with its sitcom and Elevate album. Will the boys’ Beatles-inspired original TV movie cause as much ruckus? We think so!

9. Classic-turned-cartoon Flick: Dorothy of Oz
Every year’s gotta have one good animated film because we never really outgrow the kid within. We’re especially looking forward to this one since Fox TV’s “Glee” star Lea Michele lends her voice to the title character. Look for it to hit theaters in 3-D this summer!

8. Made-for-TV Musical: Let It Shine
Be on the lookout for this Disney Channel original movie, which follows 16-year-old Cyrus DeBarge in a romantic tale of mistaken identity. This one has lots of rap and a roundup of new stars!

7. All-girls Social Networking: Zuzee
Sick of Facebook? Check out Zuzee, an online community just for girls! We like it because of its safe format -- and we love, love, love the design elements. It’s like having an online scrapbook to share with your friends!

6. Singing Sister Sensation: Cimorelli
Sisters who sing? Yep, a six-pack! The youngest is 11, the oldest 21. Cimorelli is yet another batch of talent that was discovered on YouTube. The girls’ full-length album debuts in 2012.

5. Can’t-put-down Page-turner: Crewel
Can’t get enough sci-fi? What about suspense? Or romance? All three elements of excitement are packed into Crewel, the new young-adult novel by author Gennifer Albin. The story follows a 16-year-old girl set to become a spinster in a world of secrets. We’re already intrigued!

4. Tuesday Night TV Addiction: Jane By Design
Imagine landing a job at a hip fashion house before graduating high school. Promising to have a super-chic wardrobe, this ABC Family series, which premieres January 3, is bound to be our fave new show.

3. Confidence-boosting Song: “Fireball”
Willow Smith, the “Whip My Hair” wonder, linked up with Nicki Minaj for a smokin’ new track. “Fireball” is set to appear on the 11-year-old’s upcoming debut album, and you’ll def want to add this energy-packed anthem to your playlist!

2. Triple-threat Starlet: Cymphonique Miller
Our bets are on this 15-year-old being the new Nickelodeon “it” girl -- she sings, she acts, she grooves. Catch Cymphonique in the spotlight this January when she stars as Kacey Simon, a misfit who gets a gig as the lead singer of a band, on the network’s “How to Rock” series.

1. Morose Teen-screen Thriller: The Hunger Games
This mid-March sci-fi flick, based on the book trilogy of the same title, has been stirring up nearly as much commotion as Twilight. And, well, we even know some boys who’ve been reading the bestsellers by author Suzanne Collins. Date night!

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7 Things We Love About Justin Bieber

You may already heart him in a BIG way -- and we wanna spread even more Justin Bieber love. There are so many things we find endearing about him. Here, seven things we love about The Bieb.

1. Justin Bieber gets starry-eyed.

Awww … he has a celebrity crush. Miley Cyrus? Well, he was snapped going to dinner with Miley in West Hollywood -- but “not my type,” he says. Taylor Swift? The two reportedly were spotted together at a Nashville pancake house, but again, only in the friend zone. (He opened for Taylor’s “Fearless” tour in the UK last year.) So who’s his celeb dream girl? It’s Beyonce. “I’ve been totally in love with her since I was 7,” he’s been quoted. “She kind of broke my heart when she married Jay-Z.”

2. Stars love Justin Bieber too.

Thirteen-year-old actress Chloe Moretz, who plays Angie in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, recently announced on a talk show, “I have Bieber fever!” It’s also been reported that top-ranking U.S. tennis pro Andy Roddick was at a dance club and requested a Justin Bieber song. And word on the street is that singers Katy Perry and Lily Allen are both bitten by the Bieber bug.

3. Justin Bieber loves his mom (and sis).

We hear Justin Bieber has a curfew just like every other kid, and apparently, he respects his mother enough to play by her rules. He loves his sister too. “Yes, I have the cutest sister in the world,” he wrote on his Facebook page about 2-year-old baby sis Jazzy.

4. Moms love Justin Bieber

“Sometimes, the moms get more crazy than the kids,” Justin told a talk show host about his crazed fans. And maybe you’ve seen the YouTube video of somebody’s grandmother belting out the Justin Bieber hit “Baby.”

5. Justin Bieber shakes his moviemaker.

There was some gossip swirling around indicating that Justin Bieber would be included on the soundtrack CD for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse … and those rumors turned out to be totally false. But surely by now you’ve seen the video for “Never Say Never,” the song Justin Bieber recorded with Jaden Smith (the film’s star) for the soundtrack to The Karate Kid flick.

6. Justin Bieber is a band geek.

You’ve probably only heard his sweet, soulful singing and maybe seen him strum some guitar. But did you know Justin Bieber is a multi-talented musician? Yep, he also plays trumpet. And drums. And piano. No extravagant music lessons -- he taught himself to play each instrument. Impressive, right?

7. Justin Bieber’s world isn’t a bubble.

The Canadian-born cutie is very well traveled. He’s been bungee jumping in New Zealand; he went shoe shopping in Japan; and while his concert is touring throughout the United States all summer, he promised on Twitter, “No worries … in the next year, we plan to tour the whole world! Every country we can.” Indeed, the Bieber Nation feature on his official website at JustinBieberMusic.com has fans from around the globe. Sweet!

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