Party Like a Celebrity!

Wanna have a party fit for a celeb? From invites and decorations to food and activities, here’s how to host a summer soiree your guests won’t soon forget. Ready, party monster?

You’re Invited!
No, you do not need to be all over-the-top by going door-to-door passing out invites from the back of a circus elephant, like those girls on MTV’s “My Super Sweet Sixteen.” Some simple but glam options include sending out a themed email invitation ( has Hollywood-style invites), or make your own VIP passes by laminating your invitations and stringing them on lanyards.

What to Wear?
On the invite, tell guests the dress code is glitzy! That doesn’t mean girls need to go out and buy designer gowns -- just have fun with it. Hit up the consignment shop for secondhand sparkly sequined dresses, and raid your mom’s stash for some fun costume jewelry. (Rhinestones, anyone?) Boys in tuxedo T-shirts? Yep, that counts. Anything goes!

Making an Entrance
Of course, you’ll need a red carpet runner for guests to make their grand entrance to your party. We’ve seen 15-foot runners for as cheap as $6 at discount party stores and online sites. And it doesn’t actually have to be a carpet. Use a roll of red plastic or art paper -- whatever you can find. Be sure to assign someone to be the photographer (your little brother will do), and have guests strike a pose as they arrive.

Celebration Decorations
Forget the balloons and streamers -- have star-studded decor inside the party location. Hang star-shaped cutouts from the ceiling with string or fishing line. Just cut stars from gold or silver construction paper (glitter adds a nice touch), or use poster board and wrap them in aluminum foil to make them bling-y!

Foo-foo Food
No need to hire a celebrity chef. Serve small hors d’oeuvres (check the supermarket’s frozen section) that can be passed around on trays so there’s no messy food table. Even an assortment of crackers, cheese and olives can be elegant. Make “sushi” by wrapping Fruit Roll-Ups around log-shaped snack cakes (like Twinkies or HoHos) and slicing them into rounds. Yum!

Fabulous Fun!
Of course, don’t forget the music. Dancing is a great way to get any good party started! To make your bash truly memorable, have an awards ceremony. Give out honors for Best Choreography in Freestyle Dance, and Best Vintage Dress With a Contemporary Twist. Be sure there’s a category for every guest so no one walks away empty-handed. The envelope, please ...

Swag Bags

All celebrity parties give good swag. Put together small gift bags loaded with an assortment of inexpensive items, such as lip gloss and guitar picks. Present these to your guests as they leave your party and get in their limos. (Just kidding.)