Debby Ryan: Parting is Such Suite Sorrow

Debby Ryan, 17, prepares to bid adieu to her castmates of “The Suite Life on Deck” as the series premieres its Disney Channel original movie The Suite Life Movie in March -- before the popular show sails off into the sunset forever this summer. The talented Texan dishes on the making of the TV flick and closing the chapter on her star-making role.

Girl World Daily: What was it like filming The Suite Life Movie?
Debby Ryan: We filmed in Vancouver, and it was my third time there, so it was really fun to be back. The boys [co-stars Dylan and Cole Sprouse] and I had some quality time, along with my old friends from [the TV movie] 16 Wishes. We would all hang out at the hotel and have pizza parties.

GWD: Are there any standout memories from filming?
D.R.: The Canadian Thanksgiving happened while we were there. We had a Thanksgiving meal, and I made pumpkin pie.

GWD: How was it different filming the movie as opposed to the series?
D.R.: We were on a real boat. It was weird filming and looking over into the water and thinking that someone could fall in and be gone forever! We were in a hotel for the internal parts of the boat, but it was cool to actually bring it to the water.

GWD: What can you dish about the storyline?
D.R.: Bailey and Cody have a little misunderstanding -- he doesn’t get to spend the last spring break on the boat with her. Bailey wants to patch things up, but she’s also finding her boundaries of self-respect as a girl and as his girlfriend. The boys get into a little bit of trouble, and there’s some action, adventure, suspense and romance!

GWD: Was it bittersweet to film that movie as the series comes to an end?
D.R.: The boys have been these characters for six or seven years, so seeing them grow as people -- and I’ve grown -- it’s pretty much like the end of high school, like your senior year when you go out with a big bang. I feel like this is definitely our big bang.

GWD: If we looked in your purse right now, what would we find?
D.R.: You would find a C.S. Lewis novel, a couple of old Polaroids, my keys (even though I don’t drive), way too much ChapStick, pepper spray for safety, bobby pins, a protein bar. … My friends always say I could be dropped in the middle of the desert and survive. I’m so set!

Debby Ryan: Getty Images