Make it a Movie Night ... With a Twist!


Allow us to introduce you to the awesomeness that results when you combine two of your favorite things: movies and karaoke -- duh! It’s called movie-oke, and all you have to do to get in on the fun is grab a few DVDs and invite some pals over.

Here’s how it works: You hit the mute button, play a movie clip with the subtitles option on, and let each of your friends read the lines of a different character out loud. It’s a blast -- and we’ve got a few sweet ideas for how to put the perfect finishing touches on your movie-oke night!

Make the VIP List
Movie-oke works best with smaller groups, so try to keep your guest list to four or five friends. Once you’ve decided who makes the cut, it’s time to send out invitations. Take a few ticket stubs from movies you saw recently and tape them around the edge of a white piece of paper, like a frame. Then write the party deets in the middle of the page and photocopy the whole thing a few times for an awesome DIY invite.

Choose a Theme
Are your girls obsessed with chick flicks? Does your crew love musicals? Or maybe old Disney movies are your thing. Whichever way, pick one movie (or more) you know everyone in the gang can get into. Movie-oke is most fun when everyone has seen the scene you’re re-enacting a bajillion times before.

Snack Time!
Fun-size versions of movie theater candies make the perfect snacks. And, of course, you need popcorn. Spice it up by sprinkling on a little bit of cinnamon-sugar, or chili powder and Parmesan cheese. Just drop a little bit of it into the bag after it comes out of the microwave, hold the bag closed while you shake it up, and then empty the popcorn into a bowl. So simple -- and so yummy!

Primp Your Place
Snag some streamers in your fave colors, and use a marker to write famous movie lines on ’em before hanging them around the party pad. For a fun game, leave the movie titles off the quotes and see which of your flick-obsessed friends can ID the most lines.

Up Your Game
If you want to mix up the movie-oke festivities, pause the flick mid-scene and ask your friends if any of them knows which line comes next. Then hit play to see who’s right -- and who’s hilariously off. Even if no one knows the lines by heart, hearing everyone’s guesses will definitely make you all LOL.

Do Them a Favor
Send everyone home with a parting gift that keeps on giving: a new DVD (raid a garage sale, the dollar store or Goodwill for super-thrifty finds) and a bag of microwave popcorn. Maybe one of them will host another movie-oke night next time around!