Teen CelebsÂ’ Most Embarrassing Moments

We rounded up the stories about the times that made your favorite teen stars cringe, right here. Get ready to LOL!

Selena Gomez takes a spill.
Selena Gomez of “Wizards of Waverly Place” loves her fans, but she also adores footwear. When she decided to brave a set of stairs in a pair of killer heels to meet up with some admirers, things didn’t quite go as planned. Here’s what she told reporters at a red-carpet movie premiere: “I was doing a live taping of my show, and I fell because I was wearing these high heels down the stairs after saying hi to my fans. That was pretty bad.”

Justin Bieber gets bashful.
He’s a home-schooled pop phenom now, but before Justin Bieber blew up, he attended a regular school and had regular kid probs. “I was in class doing a project, and one of my best friends thought it would be funny if he would kind of change my project around,” Justin told a teen mag. “He put a picture of something stupid on it, and everyone started laughing at me. I felt really bad.”

Taylor Swift has tall troubles.
Country singer Taylor Swift is a towering beauty, but sometimes her height can lead to some really awkward moments. “I’ll always be hitting my head on the side of a car or going through door,” she once admitted to a music reporter. “I think I’ve gotten minor concussions from hitting my head on things.”

Miranda Cosgrove’s pal pulls a prank.
Miranda Cosgrove and her BFF were spying on a guy when the “iCarly” star’s friend pulled a fast one! “My best friend and I, we’re always driving by this guy’s house she really likes,” Miranda told a magazine. “This time, she was begging me to walk up to his house to see if he was home. So I got out of the car and went up to look into the house like a total stalker, and she drove away pretending to leave me there! She came back like 30 seconds later, but I thought she had abandoned me.”

Josh Hutcherson has not-so-smooth moves.
“The Hunger Games” star Josh Hutcherson should have no problem impressing dates, but he recently confessed that he could use a little more finesse in the cuddle department. In a magazine interview, he talked about trying to get close to a girl he liked, when a fumble nearly ruined the evening! “I was on a date, and we were sitting at dinner,” explained Josh. “I tried to put my arm around her -- I was doing the yawn thing where you lift your arms up. As I did that, I hit the table and spilled a drink.”

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Worst-case School Scenarios

So you finally get your period … but it’s right in the middle of class. Or your bra breaks while you’re running laps in gym. Or you forgot to put on deodorant before school … and you stink! These simple lessons will help you deal with some of the worst possible scenarios while in school.

Worst-case Scenario No. 1: You get your first period during class … and it’s leaked through your clothes!

Lesson No. 1: Have an emergency plan.
Ask to be excused from class to go to the school nurse. If you or a friend has a sweater or jacket, wrap it around your waist. If you can, make a stop in the girls’ bathroom to wipe up “down there,” then fold some clean tissue and place it in the crotch of your undies until you get to the nurse.

But before any of this happens, try to plan ahead. Consider wearing a panty liner to school each day and having a locker stash that includes the following: high-absorbency pads, tampons, clean underpants, deodorant, safety pins and breath mints. This emergency kit can save you from a bunch of embarrassing scenarios, and you’ll see it pop up again and again throughout this article. So read on to save yourself. …

Worst-case Scenario No. 2: You totally forgot to put deodorant on this a.m. Ew, what’s that smell?

Lesson No. 2: Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Whether it’s your period or body odor or whatever else, don’t panic. Making a scene will only draw unwanted attention to the matter, so try to keep it on the down low. Remember, you’re in a crowded classroom, so nobody knows for sure if you’re the one who’s … well, stinkin’.

As soon as you can get a bathroom break, go into a stall and use tissues to wipe excess sweat from your armpits. Do this as often as you can throughout the day. Or … get to your locker stash from Lesson No. 1, and discreetly toss your deodorant in your backpack on the way to the girls’ room.

Worst-case Scenario No. 3: You’re in gym class -- and your bra strap snaps!

Lesson No. 3: Know when to cut out.

First, remember Lesson No. 2: Don’t freak! And if you haven’t yet taken heed of Lesson No. 1 (safety pins are handy for mending all sorts of wardrobe malfunctions), it might be time to have a parent come to the rescue.

Whether you have a broken bra, a busted zipper or pants that are split clear down the rear -- leaving all your business hanging out! -- teachers should allow you to sit this one out and call home. Ask your mom or dad to bring you whatever clothing you need to cover your stuff before returning to class.

Worst-case Scenario No. 4: Your crush finally talks to you, but you have killer bad breath from those cafeteria tacos.

Lesson No. 4: Remember what you’ve learned.

Lesson No. 1: Got breath mints? Grab ’em!

Lesson No. 2: Keep your cool.

Lesson No. 3: Smile and walk away while saying, “Gotta get to class! I’ll talk to you later, OK?”}

Bring. Zit. On!

Breakouts are awful on any random day, but when you have a big event? The worst. Whether you woke up with a cluster or just one giant shiner, there are easy ways to reduce redness and inflammation overnight! Here, a 24-hour plan to good skin.

Step One: Wash Your Face
Any type of blemish, whether a pimple or blackhead, is caused by a buildup of bacteria, oil and dirt. But "dirt" can be a combo of makeup, dead skin, oil from your hands, and yes, regular ol' grime. Gentle washing (not too rough! scrubbing further irritates already inflamed skin) with a personalized for-your-skin-type cleanser removes the dirt and much of the oil.

Step Two: Freeze the Puffiness
Zits are red and puffy because they're swollen. You can reduce the swelling like you would for anything else: with ice! Put an ice cube in a paper towel, twist the end, then hold the cube directly on an inflamed blemish. A few minutes should do the trick.

Step Three: Medicate and Moisturize
Dry your face and apply an oil-free, anti-acne moisturizer with a high concentrate of salicylic acid. It helps the skin shed quickly, which keeps pores from clogging and prevents more pimples. Put a bit of acne spot treatment cream containing 10 percent benzoyl peroxide on individual zits to inhibit the main acne-causing bacteria. Tie your hair up to keep pore-clogging oils, dirt and product away from your face.

Step Four: Have a Snack
We interrupt this highly scientific process to address a favorite subject: food! What have you been munching on lately? Some breakouts are a direct result of eating something that made your hormones go wacky or increased oil production on your pretty face. The solution? Cleanse from the inside out. This means drinking water all day (nix the sodas and coffee), noshing on healthful foods (fresh veggies, whole grains, no sugar or greasy foods) and getting a good night’s snooze to slow down hormone-affecting stress.

Step Five: Wake up, Sunshine!
When you get up in the morning, repeat the first three steps before putting on makeup to cover any spots. (Tip: Be sure to use cool -- not hot -- water when cleansing, to reduce redness.) Using a new cosmetics sponge, apply foundation that matches your skin tone, in a light patting motion. Dab a little concealer on individual zits, then touch up with a second pat of foundation. Lightly apply a little blush, mascara and lip gloss. Know what? You look fabulous!

Adventures in Feminine Hygiene

Being a girl isn’t always easy. When it comes to feminine hygiene, there’s lots of room for major embarrassment! Here, real girls dish on their most mortifying moments. (All you can do is laugh about it, right?)

Mood Monitor
My little sister had this kid over to play Wii with her, and he had to use the toilet. I had a box of pads on the bathroom sink, and the boy asked my sister what was in the box. She said, “Oh, those? They’re just those things Claudia puts in her underpants when she’s in a bad mood.” Nice. -- Claudia, 14

Pray Tell!
This is the most embarrassing thing ever! I got my period while I was at church, but I didn’t have anything with me. It hadn’t gotten on my dress, so I folded up some toilet paper and placed it in the crotch of my underwear. I walked (pretty fast) back to the pew to tell my mom we had to leave. As she and I were heading up the aisle toward the exit, I saw it. ... The bloody tissue had fallen out of my undies and onto the floor! My mother nonchalantly knelt down, scooped it up and slipped it into her purse. Bless her! -- Kara, 13

Landing Pad
When I was at the skating rink when I was about 6 years old, I noticed the dispenser in the ladies room and put some coins in to find out what it was. Two maxi pads came out, but I thought they were kneepads! I stuck them to my knees, and went onto the rink. I was skating like that for a while before my aunt pulled me aside and took them off. Later that night, my mom had “the period talk” with me. -- Sandy, 15

Stick Figure
I was ready to try tampons, so my mom bought me some. Everybody had told me that it doesn’t hurt, that I wouldn’t even feel it. But it felt really awkward! I decided to wait and see if I got used to it. I was walking around the house looking all stiff when my big sister was like, “What is wrong with you?” I told her about the tampon, and she said, “Something is not right.” She showed me the directions on the tampon box, and it turned out I had left in part of the cardboard applicator. Stupid, but now I’m a pro! -- Camryn, 13

A First Time for Everything!

Whether you’ve already gotten your period or you’re still waiting for your mom to let you shave, this is a time in your life when you’re having one first-in-a-lifetime experience after another. Hey, you’re a big girl now.

First Period
“When I got my first period, it was during a sleepover at my BFF’s house. It wasn’t a slumber party or anything, just me spending the night. But it was still so embarrassing -- I slept in one of her twin beds, and the sheets were bloodstained when I woke up in the morning. My friend was so nice about it, though. We changed the bedding, and her mom got me a pad.”  -- Geanie, 15

First Time Shaving
“When I was 9, I wasn’t allowed to shave yet. But during the summer, I really wanted my legs to be smooth. (They were very hairy.) One day, I was in the bathtub and saw my mom’s razor. I couldn’t resist. I shaved, but I didn’t cover all of my legs. The hair was in sections, so it looked like stripes. I traded my shorts for long pants until the hair grew back out so my parents wouldn’t see, even though it was, like, 100 degrees out.” -- Kelli, 14

First Kiss
“My first kiss was at summer camp with my best friend’s cute cousin. We were sitting by a campfire, and I knew he was going to kiss me. I was sooo nervous and was trembling all over. Well, I’d just had a bunch of root beer right before so when he leaned in ... I burped. Right in his face. He kissed me anyway.” -- Christine, 16

First Stick of Deodorant
“I had a crush on this boy, so one of my friends told him. He said to her, ‘Jess is nice and all, but I can’t go out with her -- she stinks.’ I was mortified! I immediately went to the store and bought some deodorant. I had no idea I had body odor. Ugh. But now I have a nice boyfriend who likes the way I smell.” -- Jessica, 12

First Bra
“I got my first bra when I was, like, 6. My favorite aunt bought it for me, but it really was just a flimsy pullover made of elastic and T-shirt material. It sort of had cups, but no hooks or wires or anything. It had a weird picture of a windmill on it, and I thought it was so cool. I just found it in my drawer the other day. That thing is dorky.” -- Ryan, 13