Does He Like You?

Boys are a total mystery -- especially when it comes to the “Does he like me?” dilemma. Confuzzled over how he feels? We got real boys to dish on how they show a girl they’re totally diggin’ her:


“I try to make her laugh.”

If a boy is crushing on you, he’ll go out of his way to make you laugh. Whether he constantly cracks jokes or just acts silly, it’s his shy way of saying he’s into you.

“I can’t help smiling a lot.”

Is your boy grinning from ear to ear every time he sees you? He most likely has feelings behind that smile. Just like how you can’t keep a straight face in front of a crush, it’s the same for boys too.

“I send her a friend request on FB.”

This fella admits that he stalks his crush on Facebook. When a guy fancies you, he’ll make an attempt to spark a connection -- sometimes via the Web.

“I tease her in a joking way.”

A lot of boys are too sheepish to come right out and say they like you. The alternative? He’ll playfully poke fun at you.

“I get really shy around her.”

Even the most confident guys get a little bashful when someone they like is nearby. Don’t assume a boy isn’t feeling you just because he clams up in your presence. He may be tongue-tied because you make him nervous. 

“I give her hugs.”

A surefire way to know if a dude has a crush is to watch his body language. Does he give you a flirty nudge or hug you hello? He’s not saying it, but he’s showing you he feels a spark.

“I go out of my way to talk to her.”

If a boy stops by your desk to say hi or hits you up in a crowded hallway, he’s making a special attempt to fire up a convo. Think he’s just making the most of mingling moments? Think again. He wants to connect with you.

“I help her with stuff.”

When a boy plays like he’s your hero, it doesn’t just mean he’s a sweet guy. Helping you open your locker, carrying your books or jumping at the chance to pick up an item you dropped shows he’s trying to win you over.

“I care about things I’ve never cared about before.”

If a guy shows a sudden interest in your cheerleading competitions or takes the time to notice your new ’do, he’s not just super-observant -- he’s hot for you. And if he starts wearing cologne? Look out!


Be You Around Boys

Goofing around or just hanging with your besties is easy for you. You have a chill vibe that just flows. Except, that is, when a boy jumps onto the scene. Add a dash of dimples that make you melt, and you’re tongue-tied, drawing blanks.

Stop that right now! Read on to find out how you can still be the fun-loving, confident and amazing you and keep on streaming your awesome personality -- even around boys.

Remember: He’s Just a Boy
Repeat this mantra: “Boys are people too.” Sure, you might think Brown Eyes never stresses over a breakout or grades, but guess what? He’s human. Reminding yourself that he’s just a normal person, like your dad or li’l bro, will help you break down the gender wall that fuh-reaks you out so much.

Have Fun With It!

Talking to boys should be fun and exciting, not nerve-racking. One way to shrug off your worries? Laugh it up! Have some go-to jokes and stow them away in your back pocket for use when you’re in an at-a-loss-for-words pinch. A good chuckle should put you -- and him -- at ease.

Don’t Stress to Impress

A major reason many girls keep their lips zipped in the presence of boys is because they’re looking to wow them with some totally profound and insightful conversation. But don’t force it. Your friends and fam still love you when you don’t captivate them with your every word -- and boys will too.

Find Some Common Ground

You slam your locker shut and turn to go to science class when a cutie stops by to walk with you. Panic sets in. What are you going talk about?! Hmm, how about science? Duh! Take a minute to think of any hobbies, classes, clubs and interests you share with a guy. Reach into your bag of mutual likes for ammo to fire up the convo.

Pretend He’s Your BFF

When chit-chatting with a dude, pretend he’s just one of the girls. How would you act, and what would you say and do if the guy were just your best friend? Playing a little game of make-believe that he’s a gal pal should make you a lot less jittery.

Kickin' It With Dad

OK, so Dad probably doesn’t want to go shopping or head out for a manicure. But there are some things you can do with him to tighten up (and lighten up!) your relationship. Here are our awesome ideas:

Build a Fort
Whether you have a big backyard or a secret spot in the woods where you and your friends hang out, enlist your dad’s help to construct an awesome fort. Lots of dads are handy with tools, and building something together could help you also build on your relationship!

Pick a Sport
Most dads love sports. Is your dad a football or baseball fanatic? You can bond by doing something as fun and simple as tossing a ball back and forth at the park. Or introduce your dad to your fave athletic activity. Think you can convince him to put on a pair of skates and head to the nearest indoor ice rink?

Plot a Garden
Does your dad break a sweat every weekend while mowing the lawn? Maybe you can get him to dig out a patch where you two can grow a vegetable garden. If you don’t have the yard space, plant cherry tomatoes in large containers or make a windowsill herb garden.

Cook a Meal
Dads love to eat, right? You don’t have to be a culinary genius to have a ton of fun making food (and chowing) together. Ask your dad to show you how to concoct his famous layered nacho dip. Or, make fresh pasta sauce using your own fresh herbs, and grill up some sliced zucchini from your veggie garden.

Create Some Art
Even if you don’t consider yourselves artists, everyone has some creative abilities. Break out the colored pencils or make a photo collage together. Or, hey, see if your dad will help you paint your bedroom a cool new color!

Listen to Music
You and your dad might not always agree when it comes to musical tastes, but open your minds -- and your ears. Pick something from your playlist that you think might appeal to your dad, and let him listen to it. Then, ask him to choose something you might like from his collection. Rock on!

Quiz: Is He Really Swoon-worthy?

There are probably at least a couple of things you know for sure about your crush: He’s an awesome soccer player, his favorite color is green, and he’s totally cute. But are you sure he’s really and truly crush-worthy? Take our quiz to find out if this guy’s got dream-date potential or is simply a master of disaster!


Friending Your Frenemy

You know that girl in your crew who clashes with you? Whether it’s because of her rude ’tude or her constant negativity, you just don’t quite get along with her. And this could cause some awkwardness when you’re both hanging out in the same circle. So face it: She’s here to stay, and you have to make nice. Here’s how to keep the peace -- even with your worst frenemy.

Toss Her a Compliment
This is a tried-and-true tactic for shutting down frenemy friction. Rather than going out of your way to avoid, ignore or brush off a not-so-nice chica, be the first to shell out an “I like your outfit!” She won’t know how to respond, and you’ll leave her beyond baffled. It might even melt her iciness and have her seeing you in a different light.

Float Her an Invite
Throwing a birthday bash or hosting a sleepover? Instead of keeping your guest list exclusive to a favored few, extend an invitation to your frenemy too. There’s no better way to say, “Hey, let’s get to know each other better.” The gesture will take her by surprise, and having your whole group as a buffer should ease any awkwardness.

Have Her Back
Get on her good side by, er, taking her side. Stick up for her the next time the class clown targets your frenemy, or when an untrue rumor has been spread at her expense. Showing her a bit of loyalty when she feels heated or helpless is a surefire way to soften the friction between the two of you.

Make Her Laugh
Get chummy with your frenemy by having a good laugh with her. A case of the giggles can break even the tensest situation and banish any bad feelings. So show off your funny side! The minute you two are chuckling, the vibe should totally delete any bad feelings of the past.

Lift Her Spirits
Can you sense your frenemy is a little down and out? Did she get cut from the field hockey team or sprain her ankle? Take an oh-so thoughtful approach and use your creative juices to construct a “feel better” card. She should be wowed and softened by your support through tough times and start seeing you as (dare we say it?) a friend.