What to Look for in 2010

Invicutus (February)

This moving, must see film, takes place in 1994 with the election of Nelson Mandela that marks the end of Apartheid. South Africa remains in turmoil, however, so Mandela turns to sports to help solve the country's problems.

Sherlock Holmes (February)

Robert Downey Jr. portrays this famous detective and takes you along with him on his adventures in XIXth century London. Jude Law as sidekick Dr. Watson completes this perfectly cast duo.

Alice in Wonderland (April)

Want to go on an adventure? This film follows 19-year-old Alice, who travels back to the fantasy world she once was as a child, and discovers that she is destined for big things: like ending the Queen’s reign.   


Twilight - Chapitre 3 : hésitation (July)

The worldwide Twilight phenomenon is back this summer with the third installation. Will Bella continues to be caught in her werewolf versus vampire love triangle. Will she be able to choose between Edward and Jacob? If you haven’t read the books, you will have to wait until July to see!

Music Albums

Spoon: Transference (January 18)

The highly anticipated follow-up album to 2007’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. It’s a mix of some songs you may have heard before, along with seven newbies.  

Alizee: Une Enfant du siecle (January)

Alizee’s comeback is slated for early 2010. Her newest album will reflect a style that’s very different from her previous albums, and have a more mature sound.  

Christina Aguilera: Light and Darkness (early 2010)

The blonde who can belt promises her new album to have something for everyone’s taste. There is still no confirmed release date, but it is said to make [people] feel good, especially during the toughest of times.

Get Stylish!

Do you love fashion or have a desire to be in the fashion world one day? So do the candidates for the “Designer for Tomorrow” award, which honors talented young designers, and will take place at the Berlin fashion show at Babelplatz, in late January. We had the opportunity to speak with Isabell Schoene, from international fashion brand Peek & Cloppenburg who is presenting the award, about all things style.

How did you come up with the idea for the “Designer for Tomorrow” competition?
We love supporting young and creative designers, to give them a place to share their ideas and designs. That’s why we developed this competition.

What can we expect to see from the designers?
Trends we'll be seeing on the runway for Spring/Summer 2010 include everything from romantic looks to casual. Look out for exciting pieces, such as a vibrant, red knee-length dress. Also look out for designer Frida Weyer's collection, which includes very feminine silhouettes. Ic! Berlin, which is usually an eyewear line, will present their first clothing line this year. Just as in past years, Universitaet der Kuenste will also highlight the collections of this year’s graduates. Berlin looks like they're going to put on a great Fashion Week 2010.

Want to develop your own, unique style? If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge and change your entire wardrobe, instead, take a trend you like, and subtly change it up a bit with your own personality. Do you like florals, sparkles and other fun, feminine looks? Wear it somewhere surprising, like on a hair bow or on pants instead of a shirt. Do you prefer bright colors over basic black and gray? There’s no need to wait until spring. Try a hot pink belt or stack of bracelets.

The key to trying out any new trend is to incorporate it into your normal style instead of a complete wardrobe overhaul. Then, you can add more or less accessories as you want. And remember, wear it with confidence!

The best way to show your own, personal style, is to “be experimental, creative and inspiring,” says Anders Sundt Jensen, Vice President Brand Communications Mercedes-Benz cars, which sponsors the fashion show.

The Jonas BrothersÂ’ Super Biggest Fan!

So you can’t score a date with a Jonas, but what would be the next best thing? To be one of their best girl buds, right? On the Disney Channel original series “JONAS,” she’s the “super biggest Jonas fan,” Macy Misa. Offscreen? Well, you know what they say about art imitating life. …

Girl World Daily: What would you like to see happen to Macy on “JONAS” in the future?
Nicole Anderson:
I’d like to see Macy develop her friendship with the boys because she started out as this crazy fan. It was like she had two relationships with them. She saw them as Jonas the band but then was friends with the boys in real life. I would like to see how her friendship progresses with them.

GWD: What surprises you about the boys?
I did not realize how competitive Nick is! If we lost a softball game, it would ruin his day! We played it every lunch break. He definitely took it seriously … but all in good fun.

GWD: You and Chelsea Staub, who plays Macy’s best friend, Stella Malone, are real-life pals, right?
Oh, yeah. We’ve known each other for, I guess, four years before the show. We met in acting class, and we hit it off. We had sleepovers and became best friends. I originally went for the role of Stella, and it came down to me, her and Demi Lovato. We all had to read with the Jonas brothers, and Chelsea ended up getting it. I was so happy for her. They came back to me and said they’d love for me to read with Chelsea for the role of Macy. I thought, “This is so perfect.”

GWD: Do you go see the Jonas Brothers in concert?
I went to their shows in Dallas, Los Angeles and Atlanta. I made an appearance onstage in Dallas, and then all of us here in L.A. went to that show. And I did a Jonas Fan Van in Atlanta and got to see them there too. I love “Fly With Me” and “Lovebug.”

Calling All New Moon Fans!

You know her as Alice Cullen, vampire sister to Bella’s beau Edward. And of course, you know there’s a New Moon. By Twilight, she’s Alice with a bit of a dark side. But by day, she’s Ashley Greene -- and she’s definitely a bright spot. We met up with Ashley for some gabs and giggles … and got down to the lighter side of things.

Q: How was it different filming New Moon as opposed to the original Twilight?
A: For me, personally, I just had so much more fun, and I was so much more relaxed and could enjoy myself more. We had already established relationships with each other, so we were this little family. And then, of course, I got to go to Italy, which isn’t too shabby. Waking up to the Tuscany countryside is incredible! I ate lots of pasta.

Q: Who were you closest to on the set?
A: I’m close with different cast members for different reasons. Me and Kellan [Lutz, who plays Emmett Cullen] have always been close. Unfortunately, Rachelle LaFevre isn’t doing the third film, but we were very close on the second film. We were the people who were always like, “Do you want to go out to eat?” and gather everyone together. She and I always worked out together.

Q: What would you say sets New Moon apart from the first film?
A: I know everyone was kind of worried about Edward not being in the movie, but you definitely see some Rob Pattinson, and you really get to see the love triangle between Edward, Bella and Jacob. We also really developed the relationship between Alice and Bella as well, because you didn’t get to that very much in the first one. There were some complaints about, “They’re supposed to be best friends, and you don’t even see them together.” So, we hit on that a little more too.

Q: What has been your craziest fan encounter?
A: There is one person I saw in Vancouver, Italy and London. I was like, “Oh, my gosh, you’re a well-traveled fan!” It’s always craziest when I’m with the guys, because it’s such a female-driven fan base that they just go crazy and cry and shake and scream. With me, it’s just that they want a hug or a picture. Everyone wants to be my best friend because everyone wants to be Alice’s best friend because she’s such a likeable character. That’s actually pretty cool.

ChattinÂ’ It up With Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove isn’t getting much of a summer vacation this year, but she’s not complaining. The 16-year-old actress is busy filming a slew of new “iCarly” episodes, but that hasn’t stopped her from partaking in some of her favorite pastimes: shopping, gaming and singing!

Q: On Twitter you mentioned you had a fun day yesterday. What’s up with that?
A: I thought I had to do the table read for work. I was running late and freaking out. They totally surprised me and let me go shopping all day. The creator of “iCarly”’s wife couldn’t make it to my birthday party [in May], and I’ve known them since I was 8, so she and I got to hang out and go shopping.

Q: When you’re trying on clothes and want to know what looks cute, whose opinion matters most to you?
A: Probably my best friend, Cat. We always go shopping together. I’ll come out of the dressing room, and she’ll tell me yes or no.

Q: When you’re on set and have a little downtime, what do you like to do?
A: Nathan [Kress] has been teaching me to play all these crazy video games. There’s this new “Mummy” game, and I’ve been playing that with him a lot. I actually beat him once, which was insane because he’s, like, the king of video games. It was one little round, and I’m still talking about it!

Q: What does your dressing room look like?
A: I redecorated it a few months ago, and I got this new cute white couch. I have a big “MC” painted on my wall. Everything in it is pink and purple -- pretty girly.

Q: You’ve been working on your own CD. How is that coming along?
A: It’s coming out in the fall, and I only have a few more songs left to record. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the songs, because I’ve been working really hard on it. All of the songs are about things that have happened to me, so it’s going to be cool for the fans to get to hear about all these crazy things I’ve been through!