Get That Look!

Sure, most celebrities have a sense of style. But most also have a stylist, who pieces together fabulous outfits for them. Here’s how to get the designer looks for less!

True Jackson, VP -- Nickelodeon
Keke Palmer plays 15-year-old True, whose tuned-in fashion sense lands her a top job at designer empire Mad Style. Being in the fashion biz means walking the line between snazzy and professional attire. True often goes for button-down shirts with a twist, such as ruffles or embellishments, along with a pencil skirt and a wide belt. Or maybe she’ll opt for a conservative dress and layer a tank underneath for a pop of color, plus add a funky jacket on top to give it that edge.

Get the look! Shop discount chains for dress shirts, skirts, belts, dresses, tanks and jackets for a fraction of the price of department store designer duds.

The City -- MTV
Whitney Port moved from Los Angeles (The Hills) to New York when she got her own reality show -- and a bit of a culture shock. But she’s breathing fresh air into the NY fashion scene, where it seems everything goes back to basic black. With her soft fabrics and color-splashed prints, Whitney brings a California girl vibe to the office, where she works for legendary designer Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF).

Get the look! The DVF fashion line has that L.A.-inspired influence but it’s pricey. Pick up similar pieces in eye-popping prints at mid-price shops, such as H&M.

Wizards of Waverly Place -- Disney
Selena Gomez is wiz kid Alex Russo, the only sister in her magic fam. On the new Supernaturally Stylin’ Wizards DVD, catch three fashion-fueled episodes. In the first, Alex scores an internship at Fashion Fatale magazine. In an art-imitates-life scene, an editor at the mag takes credit for Alex’s fashionista vision, eerily similar to an incident on The City in which co-worker Olivia takes full props from higher-ups for a magazine cover ensemble Whitney put together. “I pulled that look!” Olivia fibs.

Get the look! To get into the girl-wizard groove, have these basics in your closet: denim skirt, skinny jeans, knit baby doll tops, long-sleeve tees, striped cardigan, high-top sneaks. Mix and match, then hit the accessories store for leggings, chunky jewelry, fingerless gloves, woven caps and a studded belt.

iCarly -- Nickelodeon
Miranda Cosgrove is a practical dresser, as is her character, Carly Shay. “Her clothes can be worn anywhere…from school to the Groovey Smoothie, to the Web show, to detention, to the mall,” says the show’s stylist, Kris Dangl. “Carly is no-nonsense, but she maintains a femininity. Miranda looks best in saturated jewel tones, like magenta, purple, jade, burgundy and cobalt blue. Use colors near your face, and cut it with ‘boyfriend’ T-shirts in white, grey, navy and black. Thermals and classic gray hoodies are great, too.”

Get the look Kris likes these wardrobe basics: skinny and boot-cut jeans, Converse sneakers, leather boots, ballet flats and a classic trench coat in navy or khaki. “It’s always cool to pull in a little tomboy with your pretty florals and colorful stuff,” she says. “I recommend getting some fabric paints and making your own designs on hoodies. A boy’s blazer is cool, too. I also suggest having navy, gray and black leggings to ground out colorful flouncy skirts.”

Zac's Ba-ack!

We seriously don’t know one girl who isn’t gaga over Zac Efron. Our fave leading man goes back to school for his new flick 17 Again, but it’s a far cry from East High. In this “you don't know what you’ve got till it’s gone” comedy, Zac flexes his funny bone and…well, we'll let him fill ya in on the rest.

Q: In the film, your character, Mike, goes back in time to relive his “glory days.” Now that you’re 21, what would you love to relive from the year you were 17?

A: I remember so many good times. Me and five of my very close friends had an improv troupe, and we traveled across the country to perform in competitions. Also, I was doing speech and debate when I was 17. That was very fun. The highlight was probably taking second place at Berkeley, which is a pretty big competition.

Q: When Mike first goes back to high school, he’s kind of dorky and doesn’t fit in. Have you ever felt that way in real life?

A: Completely. High school is one of those weird times in your life when you become hyperaware of where you are in the social hierarchy. It was my sophomore year when I realized I wasn’t at all the coolest kid in school. I didn’t want to be -- I was more focused on grades and things like that. I had my core group of friends, and we were inseparable.

Q: Matthew Perry of TV’s Friends fame plays the older version of your character. Did you find yourself mimicking him, or did you keep your character separate?

A: A little of both. Definitely the hardest thing to imagine was what Matthew would have been like as a 17-year-old, and that was fun to figure out. Talking with him on set, I got the feeling all his amazing wit and incredible timing and trademark smirk would have been more animated as a teenager, so that was the creative license to do an off version of Matthew. That’s what I did. I kind of just hung out with him, got a sense of his personality.

17 Again opens in the United States on April 17, 2009.

Emma's Pet Project

At a huge historic hotel in downtown Los Angeles, dogs are everywhere, outside in the courtyard and inside the hotel lobby -- canine craziness for cinema's sake. The movie centers on 16-year-old Andi (Emma) and her brother Bruce (Jake T. Austin), both way into animal rescue. They live in a foster home -- with a no-pets policy. So they turn an abandoned hotel into doggie digs for furry family member Friday (and then some). We catch up with Emma for a little question-and-answer sesh.…

Q: Have there been any on-set bloopers?
A: Well, I had to run out of a building with about 20 dogs following me and the ground was wet. One dog hit my knee, and I fell down and skinned both knees. All the dogs trampled me! I was really upset, but then I was happy because I didn't have any bloopers before that.

Q: In the movie, you and your BFF have a crush on the same guy. Has that ever happened to you in real life?
A: Yes! Since me and my friends have really good taste, we always like the same boy. But usually we work it out. No one has ever been in a fight over a boy.

Q: Have you ever liked a guy who didn't like you the same way?
A: I think everyone has!

Q: What kind of dates have you been on lately?
A: When I was in England, I went to dinner and a movie. It was fun. I love England! There are really cute boys. I got to meet Rupert and Daniel [Grint and Radcliffe of Harry Potter] when I was there. Two of the nicest people I've ever met.

Q: What's your favorite thing to do in L.A.?
A: My friends and I go out for sushi every weekend.

Q: What are your essentials for having a good party?
A: The worst thing is when you're in a big space and there's not a lot of people. That makes it awkward. It's nice to let people bring other friends because then you can meet new people.

Hotel for Dogs opens in the United States on Jan. 16, 2009.

What's Your Flava?

What does your musical taste say about you? That’s what researchers at Scotland’s Heriot-Watt University are trying to find out. They’ve surveyed over 36,500 people from around the world, comparing music preferences to personality traits. Here’s what the scientists have tuned into so far:

If Ya Listen to Lotsa…

Coldplay Is mainstream rock and pop your thing? That screams volumes for your stellar self-esteem and industrious nature. You might lack a creative edge, but you make up for it with your likeability factor.

Taylor Swift Hey, country lover! You are one hardworking, conscientious gal. You get along pretty well when kickin’ it with the crew, but what people don’t realize is that you’re secretly shy.

Slayer If you like to thrash to heavy metal, you have a rebellious side and could be a bit of a lazybones. But while people think you’re a little hard-edged, you’ve got ’em fooled. You’re really such a softie.

Beyonce You can just feel the vibe of R&B and soul running through your veins? Let your artistic sparkle shine on. This shouldn’t be a problem since you’re packing major mojo and self-assuredness.

Hayley Westenra Do you chill out to classical music or even opera? You’re quite at ease with yourself but not particularly outgoing. You’re actually a bit of a recluse, who’s well-read and deeply contemplative.

Toots and the Maytals You love reggae, right? No worries, mon! You’re upbeat and sociable, but you still keep it chill. You take life as it comes, and you’re always real. Your mantra: Relax, be happy.

The Derek Trucks Band A girl who grooves to jazz and blues is creative, confident and comfy in her own skin. You’re extroverted and sensitive rolled into one, so you probably have a lot of friends!

Kanye West Do you lean toward rap beats, rhymes and rhythms? You might have a tendency to bend the rules. But you have too much self-worth to take it too far. Still, you’re often the life of the party!

Farhan Akhtar If you dig Bollywood-spun tunes, you’re probably very spirited and quite a force on the social scene. We’re betting you could stay out and dance all night if you didn’t have to worry about curfew.

Stuff We Love

We heart pop culture! From books to bands to video games, these are our absolute faves (in no particular order).

Where can you go to create your own funky creature and develop it through quirky evolutionary phases as you travel to other planets? Straight to your computer (and soon Wii, according to word on the street) with this outta-this-world computer game. Install the disk, then go online to romp in an infinite architectural universe all generated by you and other gamers. Spore…never a bore.

The 39 Clues
The 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones
is the first in a fictional book series that places the reader squarely in the role of detective. Meet Amy and Dan of the Cahill clan, the world’s most powerful family. When Grandma Grace dies, the kids are given a choice: one million dollars or one of 39 clues leading to a global quest for treasure and untold power. This is a multimedia adventure that combines reading, online gaming and card collecting in an awesome interactive experience.

Metro Station
We love the everygirl-fave boy band Varsity Fan Club just as much as the next gal, but Metro Station is the real rock-it-out deal. The band just wrapped its UK tour with Boys Like Girls (who, incidentally, recently released a live-concert DVD titled Read Between the Lines). Don’t blink and you might catch a glimpse of Miley Cyrus doing a bumper-car cameo in Metro Station’s “Seventeen Forever” video, but singer/guitarist Trace Cyrus doesn’t piggyback on his little sister’s popstar success. Yes, they’re sibs. But this isn’t mentioned even once on the band’s Web site, and that’s one of the things we like best about these guys.

This is a two-fer fave! What are the odds that a pair of young female musicians would each release a CD of the same name? Sizzlin’ R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan, 21, was nominated for five Grammy awards, including Best New Artist, for the release of her CD titled Fearless. And smokin’ hot Taylor Swift, 19, was country music’s best-selling artist of 2008 with the release of her second CD, also titled…Fearless. These girls couldn’t be more divided in their musical tastes, but they both have gobs of go-for-it gumption. Love it!