Be Your Own Celebrity Stylist!

Wish you had the wardrobe of a leading lady? Find out how you can snag your favorite celebrity’s look for less with our guide to sporting these A-list styles.

Selena Gomez
Selena might be a vixen on the red carpet, but Justin Bieber’s adorable GF rocks totally simple and chic threads on the street.

  • Get her look: You don’t have to spend a fortune on designer duds to steal Selena’s style. Simply stock up on a few basic purchases of everyday boyfriend cardigans or blazers to throw over jeans and a tee. To pull off the down-to-earth -- but still polished -- style that Selena struts, pair your cardis over loose-fitting girly tunics with embellishments like beading. Add dark-washed skinny jeans, and voila! To finish it off, go hassle-free with ballet flats and long knit scarves.

Taylor Swift
Ultra-feminine Taylor is the poster child for sweet, frilly vintage looks that any girl can copy.

  • Get her look: When shopping for Taylor picks, look for dresses with lacy trimmings that you can layer with what you already have in your closet. Load up on florals and ruffles galore to mix and match. Layering a pretty printed blouse over a dainty A-line skirt is how this country starlet steps out from day to day. Pull on a pair of knee-high or cowboy boots, and you’re totally Taylor-fied. To complete your so Taylor look, slip on printed tights and add a skinny belt. Thrift stores are a perfect and affordable place to grab her vintage fashions.

Emma Watson
The Potter princess fills up her closet space with inspiration from old-school fashion finds.

  • Get her look: Look for structured, fitted pieces in neutral colors to emulate Emma. Splurging on just one fab trench coat could be enough to transform your closet into a Watson wardrobe. Wear it over a plaid or striped button-down or knit top with black skinny jeans to turn heads like this posh superstar. Peruse Dad’s closet for accessories like a tie or fedora to cap off your outfit at zero the cost. Other faves of this pixie queen? Rompers and shift dresses.

Vanessa Hudgens
Teen-queen sensation V-Hudgens is always in the fashion spotlight for her boho-meets-urban chic finds -- and now you can be too!

  • Get her look: V loves to take a variety of trends and shuffle ’em up for a whole new look. To replicate her fashion-forward ways, wear an off-the-shoulder top with a maxi skirt. Throw on a military jacket, and you’ve got essential pieces to mimic her everyday look. Vanessa is also all about going big with accessory overload to jazz up outfits. Layers of necklaces, oversized bags and bold earrings are keys to swiping her style.

Demi Lovato
Retro rocker Demi amps up her unique look by infusing alternative grunge with nostalgic pieces from yesteryear.

  • Get her look: Carbon-copy Demi’s duds by putting a vest over your favorite relaxed rocker tee. Accessories like cuff bracelets, combat boots and bowler hats are an absolute must to ditto her style. Black skinny bottoms and leggings all work for pairings. Red or neon-colored sunglasses provide the final touch to wrap up your Lovato look. A consignment shop is an awesome place to drop a few dollars if you want to try it out on a budget!

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7 Things We Love About Justin Bieber

You may already heart him in a BIG way -- and we wanna spread even more Justin Bieber love. There are so many things we find endearing about him. Here, seven things we love about The Bieb.

1. Justin Bieber gets starry-eyed.

Awww … he has a celebrity crush. Miley Cyrus? Well, he was snapped going to dinner with Miley in West Hollywood -- but “not my type,” he says. Taylor Swift? The two reportedly were spotted together at a Nashville pancake house, but again, only in the friend zone. (He opened for Taylor’s “Fearless” tour in the UK last year.) So who’s his celeb dream girl? It’s Beyonce. “I’ve been totally in love with her since I was 7,” he’s been quoted. “She kind of broke my heart when she married Jay-Z.”

2. Stars love Justin Bieber too.

Thirteen-year-old actress Chloe Moretz, who plays Angie in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, recently announced on a talk show, “I have Bieber fever!” It’s also been reported that top-ranking U.S. tennis pro Andy Roddick was at a dance club and requested a Justin Bieber song. And word on the street is that singers Katy Perry and Lily Allen are both bitten by the Bieber bug.

3. Justin Bieber loves his mom (and sis).

We hear Justin Bieber has a curfew just like every other kid, and apparently, he respects his mother enough to play by her rules. He loves his sister too. “Yes, I have the cutest sister in the world,” he wrote on his Facebook page about 2-year-old baby sis Jazzy.

4. Moms love Justin Bieber

“Sometimes, the moms get more crazy than the kids,” Justin told a talk show host about his crazed fans. And maybe you’ve seen the YouTube video of somebody’s grandmother belting out the Justin Bieber hit “Baby.”

5. Justin Bieber shakes his moviemaker.

There was some gossip swirling around indicating that Justin Bieber would be included on the soundtrack CD for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse … and those rumors turned out to be totally false. But surely by now you’ve seen the video for “Never Say Never,” the song Justin Bieber recorded with Jaden Smith (the film’s star) for the soundtrack to The Karate Kid flick.

6. Justin Bieber is a band geek.

You’ve probably only heard his sweet, soulful singing and maybe seen him strum some guitar. But did you know Justin Bieber is a multi-talented musician? Yep, he also plays trumpet. And drums. And piano. No extravagant music lessons -- he taught himself to play each instrument. Impressive, right?

7. Justin Bieber’s world isn’t a bubble.

The Canadian-born cutie is very well traveled. He’s been bungee jumping in New Zealand; he went shoe shopping in Japan; and while his concert is touring throughout the United States all summer, he promised on Twitter, “No worries … in the next year, we plan to tour the whole world! Every country we can.” Indeed, the Bieber Nation feature on his official website at has fans from around the globe. Sweet!

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Party Like a Celebrity!

Wanna have a party fit for a celeb? From invites and decorations to food and activities, here’s how to host a summer soiree your guests won’t soon forget. Ready, party monster?

You’re Invited!
No, you do not need to be all over-the-top by going door-to-door passing out invites from the back of a circus elephant, like those girls on MTV’s “My Super Sweet Sixteen.” Some simple but glam options include sending out a themed email invitation ( has Hollywood-style invites), or make your own VIP passes by laminating your invitations and stringing them on lanyards.

What to Wear?
On the invite, tell guests the dress code is glitzy! That doesn’t mean girls need to go out and buy designer gowns -- just have fun with it. Hit up the consignment shop for secondhand sparkly sequined dresses, and raid your mom’s stash for some fun costume jewelry. (Rhinestones, anyone?) Boys in tuxedo T-shirts? Yep, that counts. Anything goes!

Making an Entrance
Of course, you’ll need a red carpet runner for guests to make their grand entrance to your party. We’ve seen 15-foot runners for as cheap as $6 at discount party stores and online sites. And it doesn’t actually have to be a carpet. Use a roll of red plastic or art paper -- whatever you can find. Be sure to assign someone to be the photographer (your little brother will do), and have guests strike a pose as they arrive.

Celebration Decorations
Forget the balloons and streamers -- have star-studded decor inside the party location. Hang star-shaped cutouts from the ceiling with string or fishing line. Just cut stars from gold or silver construction paper (glitter adds a nice touch), or use poster board and wrap them in aluminum foil to make them bling-y!

Foo-foo Food
No need to hire a celebrity chef. Serve small hors d’oeuvres (check the supermarket’s frozen section) that can be passed around on trays so there’s no messy food table. Even an assortment of crackers, cheese and olives can be elegant. Make “sushi” by wrapping Fruit Roll-Ups around log-shaped snack cakes (like Twinkies or HoHos) and slicing them into rounds. Yum!

Fabulous Fun!
Of course, don’t forget the music. Dancing is a great way to get any good party started! To make your bash truly memorable, have an awards ceremony. Give out honors for Best Choreography in Freestyle Dance, and Best Vintage Dress With a Contemporary Twist. Be sure there’s a category for every guest so no one walks away empty-handed. The envelope, please ...

Swag Bags

All celebrity parties give good swag. Put together small gift bags loaded with an assortment of inexpensive items, such as lip gloss and guitar picks. Present these to your guests as they leave your party and get in their limos. (Just kidding.)


Get an Awesome Soundtrack to Your Summer

Every girl needs some good music to go along with her summer -- songs to jam on your earphones when you’re lounging by the pool, skating or biking, and heading out on those looooooong family road trips. Here are our picks for your summer soundtrack:

“All Day,” Cody Simpson
This is the perfect laid-back, mid-tempo tune for days when you’re hanging out without a care in the world. The fact that the voice behind the lyrics is cute Aussie Cody Simpson makes the track even better!

“Not Your Birthday,” All Star Weekend
This super-fun jam -- sung by four hotties who are signed to the same label as the Jonas Brothers -- encourages everyone to turn a bad day around by partying just for the heck of it. It’s impossible to not have a blast when this song is playing!

“Wait and See,” Camryn
If you’re plotting a major comeback for next school year, get amped with this high-energy track. Newcomer Camryn is proving that nothing can stop her success: Two of her songs are in the flick Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer, and she recently toured with Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance!

“Boyfriend,” Big Time Rush
What’s better than a summer crush? Four of ’em! The cuties of Big Time Rush happily sing about how they want to be your BF with this upbeat tune. Snoop Dogg’s rapping provides the perfect break from the catchy chorus.

“I Am,” Ya Boy Ro
Roshon Fegan of “Shake It Up” is encouraging everyone to be true to themselves. This upbeat tune makes you want to sing it loud and sing it proud!

“Loser Like Me,” “Glee” Cast
Actually, everyone’s a winner here! The cast of the popular musical series belts out an original tune. When you need a personal pick-me-up, listen to this feisty track.

“Firework,” Katy Perry
You’ve probably already had this one on your playlist for a while now, but it wasn’t released until the end of last summer, so make it this season’s anthem: “Ignite the light and let it shine. Just own the night like the Fourth of July!”

“Before It Explodes,” Charice
Add a power ballad like this one to your playlist for those days when you just need to belt out an intense tune. Favorite “Glee” guest star Charice unleashes her strong vocals on these lyrics.

“Jealous,” Jasmine V
If you’ve ever been frustrated by feelings of jealousy around your crush or boyfriend, you’ll totally relate to this catchy song.

“We Could Be Anything,” Nolan Sotillo
This breezy, romantic tune is from the guy who played Lucas Arnaz in Disney’s Prom. The lyrics may perfectly express how you feel about that best guy friend you’d like to become something more. Nolan is currently filming the new Disney Channel series “Madison High.” (Check out our sneak peek below!)

Just a Little Luck? Neh, Greyson Chance!

Greyson Chance was just a regular 13-year-old kid performing his rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” at a school talent show. But after Ellen DeGeneres spotted the performance on YouTube, she signed Greyson to her new record label.

Now, the talented teen is cutting an album and has thousands of screaming teens waiting in lines to watch him do his thing. (He kicks off a U.S. tour with Australian teen pop singer Cody Simpson this month.) We chatted with Greyson about his fans, dream duets and Twitter!

Girl World Daily: You’re really active on Twitter. Are you obsessed?
Greyson Chance: I love Twitter because it’s such a great tool I can use to connect with my fan base and see how they like the new single [“Waiting Outside the Lines”] or if they’ve seen the video. I love using it.

GWD: Do you follow any celebrities on Twitter?
GC: Well, I follow Lady Gaga a lot! I follow Gaga, Ellen [DeGeneres], Chris Colfer [of “Glee” fame] -- lots of people.

GWD: You’re touring with Cody Simpson. How did you meet him?
GC: I got invited to his birthday party in Santa Monica, Calif. I went, and it was a great party. I got to meet Cody, and we said we should do something together -- and it turned into a tour!

GWD: What’s your must-have item to pack when you’re going out on the road?
GC: My iPod

GWD: What do you miss most about home when you’re touring?
GC: Being on the road can be very lonely, so sometimes I miss my friends and my family. But I love what I’m doing, so it’s not that hard.

GWD: What’s the best concert you’ve ever attended?
GC: I went to Lady Gaga’s concert, and I don’t think anyone can beat that! It was incredible.

GWD: What’s one song on the radio right now that you can’t get out of your head?
GC: I really love “Rocketeer” by Far East Movement [featuring Ryan Tedder]. It’s a great track.

GWD: If you could duet with anyone, who would it be?
GC: I’m a really big fan of Hayley Williams [lead singer of Paramore]. And I love Christina Aguilera. I’d love to do something with her.

GWD: What kind of impression have your fans left on you?
GC: Well, they scream a lot, which I love. Sometimes they wait outside my tour bus, but I love it because they’re sweet gestures to spend 30 minutes waiting just to get a photo of me. It’s great. I love the fans.

GWD: Where would you like to see yourself five years from now?
GC: Onstage at the Grammys, performing a new single -- and, hopefully, I’ve had some platinum records.

Photo Credit: Aaron Pinkston