Debby Ryan: Parting is Such Suite Sorrow

Debby Ryan, 17, prepares to bid adieu to her castmates of “The Suite Life on Deck” as the series premieres its Disney Channel original movie The Suite Life Movie in March -- before the popular show sails off into the sunset forever this summer. The talented Texan dishes on the making of the TV flick and closing the chapter on her star-making role.

Girl World Daily: What was it like filming The Suite Life Movie?
Debby Ryan: We filmed in Vancouver, and it was my third time there, so it was really fun to be back. The boys [co-stars Dylan and Cole Sprouse] and I had some quality time, along with my old friends from [the TV movie] 16 Wishes. We would all hang out at the hotel and have pizza parties.

GWD: Are there any standout memories from filming?
D.R.: The Canadian Thanksgiving happened while we were there. We had a Thanksgiving meal, and I made pumpkin pie.

GWD: How was it different filming the movie as opposed to the series?
D.R.: We were on a real boat. It was weird filming and looking over into the water and thinking that someone could fall in and be gone forever! We were in a hotel for the internal parts of the boat, but it was cool to actually bring it to the water.

GWD: What can you dish about the storyline?
D.R.: Bailey and Cody have a little misunderstanding -- he doesn’t get to spend the last spring break on the boat with her. Bailey wants to patch things up, but she’s also finding her boundaries of self-respect as a girl and as his girlfriend. The boys get into a little bit of trouble, and there’s some action, adventure, suspense and romance!

GWD: Was it bittersweet to film that movie as the series comes to an end?
D.R.: The boys have been these characters for six or seven years, so seeing them grow as people -- and I’ve grown -- it’s pretty much like the end of high school, like your senior year when you go out with a big bang. I feel like this is definitely our big bang.

GWD: If we looked in your purse right now, what would we find?
D.R.: You would find a C.S. Lewis novel, a couple of old Polaroids, my keys (even though I don’t drive), way too much ChapStick, pepper spray for safety, bobby pins, a protein bar. … My friends always say I could be dropped in the middle of the desert and survive. I’m so set!

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Shaking It up With Bella and Zendaya!

On Disney Channel’s Shake It Up, Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman play BFFs CeCe and Rocky -- and they love to dance! Here, the girls dish on how they learned to get down with the choreography, and their real-life off-camera friendships with the crew. Plus, Zendaya spills Bella’s secret obsession!

Girl World Daily: How would you describe Shake It Up?
It’s a buddy comedy about two girls who love to dance -- and how they finally get a chance to realize their dreams when they audition for their favorite show, Shake It Up Chicago.

GWD: How long have you been dancing?
Well, I’ve only been dancing since November 2009. I’ve been taking dance classes every single night and day. I had never really done choreography, so that was very hard for me -- but I take hip-hop to get swagger!
I’ve always loved to party with my friends and dance around. I started dancing when I was about 8. I was in a hip-hop troop, and I also did hula -- which are total opposites, but extremely fun.

GWD: What advice would you give to a girl who would like to learn how to dance, but doesn’t know where to start?
She’s just like me, then, because I really wanted to learn, but I didn’t know any of the counts and the numbers. It was all very confusing. I had to work through it and just try anything. You really just have to try.

GWD: What’s it like working with the cast?
Zendaya is just amazing. She’s a fantastic dancer, and they could not have chosen a better Rocky. I love that everyone is so similar to their character, except for Kenton Duty, who plays Gunther. He’s not an archrival to anybody! But Adam Irigoyen is like his character, Deuce, and Davis Cleveland is like my little brother in real life.
We’re like a big family. We hang out with each other all of the time on and off set. We’re always going into each other’s dressing rooms and turning up the music, and we dance with each other.

GWD: Would either of you like to share a little-known fact about the other?
Bella loves shoes! She’ll wear a different pair of shoes every day. She’s a shoe fanatic, and I love that about her!

For more on the girls’ style secrets, be sure to check out our Style Blog.

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Top 12 Must-see Movies in 2011

What flix are lighting up the big screen in the new year? We’ve rounded up the best new films coming to a theater near you.

Movies to See With Your BFF
If you want to see a sappy love story, invite your best friend -- never a boy (unless you’re trying to repel him). Alice in Wonderland’s Mia Wasikowska is starring in two upcoming romances: Restless, a film about a terminally ill girl’s crush on a quirky boy who likes to hang out at funerals, and the classic Jane Eyre, which is based on Charlotte Bronte’s novel.

If you’re looking for more of a bonding chick-flick experience, go see Cracks. It follows the friendships (and the conflicts) between a free-thinking teacher and the students at an elite British boarding school for girls.

Movies to See With a Crush
Dudes like action! Adventure! Thrills! Superheroes! The Green Hornet and Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage are two of the most highly anticipated action-adventure films of the year. Get in line early -- it will give you two a chance to chat before the lights go dim.

Movies to See With Your Fam
If your siblings are tots, you’ll love watching these two animated films: Gnomeo and Juliet, a twist on the Shakespeare tale, and Rango, a flick about a chameleon (played by Johnny Depp) with an identity crisis.

Are your sibs more middle-school? Suggest a family movie night to go see Mars Needs Moms! It’s about a 9-year-old whose mom is nabbed by Martians. Or you can check out Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules, which is based on the second book in the popular series.

Movies to See With the Crew
Up-and-coming English actor Alex Pettyfer stars in I Am Number Four, a sci-fi film that revolves around a group of Earth-bound teen extraterrestrials who are being hunted by another alien species. Beastly, a 21st-century take on Beauty and the Beast, is also coming out.

Vanessa Hudgens stars opposite Pettyfer in Beastly, but make no mistake: This is no Disney spin. Hudgens also goes girl-toting-machine-guns in the wicked Sucker Punch. We must say we’re impressed with the no-fluff roles Hudgens has landed lately. That should give you and your friends some good convo when you go for lattes after the film.

Mia Wasikowska Photo: Getty Images

Celebrities Are Real Girls Too!

Underneath all the glitz and glam, your favorite TV celebrities have hopes, fears, anxieties, insecurities and embarrassing moments just like the rest of us. Here’s our roundup of quotes and anecdotes of your favorite female celebrities’ real-girl experiences!

Selena Gomez, “Wizards of Waverly Place”: “I want to be liked.”
“I was in fourth grade when a clique of girls really didn’t like me. I think it was because I was going into the entertainment business, and I was the odd one out. It did get me down. I’m sure it would get anyone down, having people make fun of you or dislike you. I was the kind of kid that wanted to be nice to everybody and wanted them to like me. I realized that, with the people you lose, you find your true friends. I had a huge group of friends, and I’ve lost probably all of them but three. But now that I have those three, those are the ones I know I can trust. It’s a blessing in disguise.”

Nicole Anderson, “Jonas L.A.”: “I get body-conscious.”
“I did gymnastics growing up, so I had a more muscular and manly looking body. I’d see my girl friends with their feminine figures, and I’d be like, ‘Why am I not hitting puberty right now?’ I had the man shoulders and the strong arms. Everyone is unique in their own way, and you have to not focus on the negative things, because it will just bring you down. You can’t look at someone and think, ‘Oh, I wish I looked like that.’”

Leighton Meester, “Gossip Girl”: “I feel pressured.”
“Something I dealt with when I was younger was the pressure of high school. If you’re a teenager, you have to decide what you want to do, where you want to go to college -- basically decide what to do for the rest of your life when you’re 17 or 18 years old. You really don’t know, and it’s so hard to tell. You’re kind of just coming into your own and growing up.”

Chelsea Staub, “Jonas L.A.”: “I have embarrassing moments.”
“I was in fourth-grade P.E., and we were playing baseball. My mom had just done the laundry, and I had jeans on. I didn’t know that some of my underwear was tucked into my pant leg. So as I was running the bases, it fell out. Of course, one of the guys was like, ‘What’s this? You dropped this!’ He held it up, and it was a pair of my teddy bear underwear. I was totally traumatized. It was the worst.

Bridgit Mendler Sounds Off

Bridgit Mendler Photo Credit: Getty Images

Good Luck Charlie’s” Bridgit Mendler isn’t just a fabulous comedic actress -- she’s also an aspiring singer and songwriter. Bridgit gets to show off her musical capabilities in the upcoming Disney Channel original movie Lemonade Mouth, which is now in production. The film is about a group of high school students who meet in detention and form a rock band, and Bridgit plays the part of the lead singer. The starlet was happy to chat with us about her evolving sound ... and her thrifty shopping habits.

Girl World Daily: What’s going on with your music?

Bridgit Mendler: It’s funny, when I first started writing music I was writing on the piano, and I started to notice that all of my songs sounded really jazzy. That was something I tried to steer away from, so I got an acoustic guitar and wound up writing songs like crazy. It was really fun for me because I thought I had found a sound. Now, as I’ve been producing a couple of the songs I’ve written, they’re all kind of jazzy! I’ll add horns or an old electric piano, which is called a Wurlitzer -- I want one of those so badly now. It’s been really cool.

GWD: Would you compare it to Norah Jones?

BM: I think it’s hard to pin down specifically what my sound is, but I think it’s cool that it’s coming back to those jazzy roots. A lot of people have said Norah Jones, but when I think of the sound that I aspire to follow, much of the time it’s Adele’s music. I think she’s so good. Many times when I’m working on my sound I pull influences from her. I think Pink is really cool because she’s all girl power and rock. I also really like Bob Dylan. He’s my all-time favorite. He’s a great songwriter.

GWD: Aside from those, what other artists do you like to listen to when you’re not working on your own music?

BM: I also like this band called Teagan and Sarah. I do like Taylor Swift, and I love that she writes her own songs and that she’s been successful with them.

GWD: When it comes to fashion, you seem to have a simple but feminine style. Where do you like to shop?

BM: I love thrifty stores. It’s hard for me to buy something if it’s too expensive -- I don’t think it’s worthwhile and wonder if I’m ever going to wear it again. If something is cheap, then I will like it.

GWD: Have you splurged on anything since you’ve become successful in the entertainment industry?

BM: I bought a couple of dresses recently. The dresses themselves weren’t too pricey -- they were all under $100 -- but the fact that I bought so many at one time was kind of a big deal for me.